Fort Wilderness - what's the closest resort?


My family will be staying at Fort Wilderness in December. My aunt will be coming to Disney at the same time and wants to stay in a nearby resort (camping is not really her thing). She was thinking Wilderness Lodge. I see on the maps that this is close to Fort Wilderness, but would it be easy to get from one resort to the other? Is there a boat that goes between the two? Is there another resort that would be easier to get to?


There is a boat that runs between the two so it would be easy to go between the resorts.


Wilderness Lodge is definitely your best best. Transportation between the 2 is very convenient, you can even walk is you wish. It’s about a mile though. I think this is where you Aunt needs to be.


Wilderness Lodge is right next door and there are pathways that connect both resorts for pedestrians and vehicles.
Warning about the boats that shuttle on Bay Lake. They go in one direction and their route is a loop. In the morning it is clockwise to get guests to Chef Mickey’s and then in the afternoon the route reverses to counter clockwise so that guests can get to Hoop Dee Doo more quickly. So, what this means is that while you can go directly between Wilderness resorts, it is only one way while the other way, you’ll be making an intermediate stop at the Contemporary first.
Additionally, if you are a wheelchair/scooter guest, you’ll need to tell the captain of the little boat that you’re handicapped so he can radio in the request to send one of the large boats that are handiaccessible for you because you’re not getting on a Navigator class launch with a wheeled anything other than a folded stroller.


Thanks so much everyone - sounds like it will be Wilderness Lodge! :happy:

Soundgod - We won’t have a need for wheelchair accessible boats so that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for the note about the extra stop at the Contemporary though!


Another idea would be to check out the cabins at FW. They’re RIGHT there…AND they are not at all camp-like inside. In fact, they’re more like a mini-villa in nature. Complete with full fridge, stove, microwave, coffee pot, cable TV, couch, dining table, bedroom, full bathroom…AND daily mousekeeping!! You could camp, and your aunt could have all the comforts of home (really close by). No boat to mess with either.

Have her check out the photos on line to see what she thinks…

Just a thought… :flowers:


During our trip in March the busses going from WL to Epcot, DHS, AK and the Water Parrks also picked up @ FW after WL. So if the boat loop is not going immediately from WL to FW, your family can hit one of the busses. This only works from WL to FW.


I don’t know how good an idea this is or isn’t.
FW buses only serve the main bus stop at the front of FW while the boat dock is right next to the restaurants. If you need to get anywhere inside FW, you’ll need to take the internal shuttle buses (which I am to understand can be a real pain).
Now, I don’t know what I don’t know, but this is still something else to keep in mind because there is a reason that so many guests at FW have ATVs that they park at the main bus stop, just like a bunch of commuters taking the train into the city.


Good point. Didn’t think of that.

And the internal shuttle would have to be used, but at least there are options. Not great ones, but options none the less.


The Wilderness Lodge is close and and fairly easy to get back and forth from as others have mentioned. The golf carts that are seen parked by the reception outpost bus stop are very handy to use (especially in the evening to see all pretty decorations in the camping loops) but the internal bus system at the Fort works pretty well with minimal wait times (at least that has been our experience).


[QUOTE=HappyCamper;1048203]Another idea would be to check out the cabins at FW.

Just a thought… :flowers:[/QUOTE]

We didn’t think of that! I’ll suggest it. Thanks!

Hmm, about the buses… we won’t have the luxury of golf carts, so it may be easier to just take the boat from WL (even if it has an extra stop) rather than trying to switch from bus to bus and try to explain to my aunt what loop/stop to get off at inside FW. But we’ll keep the buses in mind too!

Thanks for all the help everyone, very much appreciated! :happy: