Found a trip planning tool for disney


Disney Vacation Connection

is a FREE, customizable desktop application that keeps you in-the-know about Disney Destinations and helps you plan a magical Disney Vacation.

also can set up a count down for your desk top as wel as many other cool items and a few games:laugh::laugh:Disney Vacation Connection


I have been using this since July of 2010 and love it. I think I even posted a link to it then on MB.


Is this the one with the suitcase that opens and closes on your desktop?


Yes I believe it is. We’ve been using it for quite a while here. It’s fun to have the suitecase countdown to our trip


I miss the monorail countdown timer… anyone know where I could get it? My old computer crashed and I never found that one again… :frowning:


This is so cool!


help-wont open for me


I’ve had this tool for quite awhile and I haven’t found anything on it to be useful, just a bunch of advertisements it seems. Maybe I just haven’t found the fun things on it?? What do you all like on it?


It has the link to pre order the photo pass on it!!! It took me awhile to find out how to find useful info on it, but after playing with it for a bit sure enough there is helpful stuff there!!!


Cool downlaod but it’s never worked for me :frowning: