Found out something great with CCSD and DL!


i was told today that the clark county school district gives their teachers discount DL tix!! rob and i had lunch with a guy from the academy and he used to work for CCSD. he told me about the discounted tix and police officers also get in for free on certain days that DL has for them. i squeaked pretty loudly in Applebee’s but i managed to contain myself in public. i’m so excited about that. i can’t wait to get those tix now. i’ll let you guys know what kind of discount i’ll get once i get hired.


That IS amazing news! I hope you get a really good discount!


Disneyland isn’t all that far away now…

Good to hear there’s a significant discount…


i can’t wait to see what kind of discount i’ll get once i get hired by the school district. that’ll be so wonderful to get to go and finally see all of both parks. i went four years ago and only saw portions of both parks. i would love to see everything there.