Fourth of July Fireworks?


I know MK has an extended firework show on the 4th but “someone” said that they have an extended show for the whole month of July. Is this true???


I’m not sure about extended the whole month, but I wanted to add that there are extra fireworks on the 4th at MGM and DTD!


From what I know, Fourth of July fireworks shows only happen on the Fourth of July.
The only possible exception might, and this is a big might, is Fantasy in the Sky at MK because it is also mirrored on Seven Seas Lagoon, the same as New Year’s Eve and they run that show on Dec 31 and sometimes Dec 30, but I wouldn’t count on it. Even so, it would certainly not be for the whole month, it would only be one extra day, if at all. We’re taking something on order of 3,800 shells each night if they do.
In fact, it is only the Peace on Earth version of IllumiNations that runs more than the actual holiday, that is, it runs from the day after Thanksgiving until the 7:30 performance on New Year’s Eve. (1600 shells versus 900 for a normal night)
Even the Epcot 25th Birthday version ran only on October 1, 2007 and was never repeated.
A Lil Magical is right, there are also shows on the Studios and in DTD, but again, these are one night only performances.


We were there late June/early July 2008, and they played the “Disney’s Celebrate America - Fourth of July Concert in the Sky” at MK several times throughout the week. I pulled the Times Guide (I save those… I’m such a dork! :laugh:) for the Walt Disney World Resort June 29 - July 5, 2008, and the 4th of July fireworks took place Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, while Wishes took place Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

However, they don’t have the 4th of July fireworks after July 4th… just the week before.


Did they?
Was it the full blown show with it mirrored on Seven Seas Lagoon each night?


Yes. I think they were trying to keep MK from filling up too early on the 4th…


Thanks all. I was hoping they had them all month but oh well. Wishes is awesome.