Fourth of July


Can anyone tell me what to expect at Magic Kingdom on the Fourth of July? We are going to be in WDW from June 25-July 5 and I want to be prepared for the crowds on the 4th. In 2007 we left on July 1st so didn’t have too many problems with the crowds. I’m not too worried because the 4th will be our third day at the Magic Kingdom so if we lines are long it won’t be the end of the world, but if anyone has been there on a fourth of July weekend, I’d appreciate your thoughts.



We were at WDW about 5 or 6 years ago at the Fourth of July. We actually laid low on the fourth and just swam and did some shopping knowing the parks would be busy. We decided to go to the Magic Kingdom that night though just to watch the fireworks and it was the biggest mistake ever. I have never seen so many people on Main Street and you could barely even move no matter where you went. We could have just as easily watched the fireworks from our resort. If you could avoid the parks that day and schedule some other activities, I would definitely do that.



We have always avoided the parks on the 4th. Did it once…Never again.:eek:

Could I recommend a nice stroll with your favorite beverage along the lake at the Poly. We did our wedding vow renewal on the point. It is a lovely place to relax, watch the fireworks over the castle from a distance and then get back to your resort before all the crazies arrive trying to escape MK.


I was there on the 4th once before. I believe the MK closed once it hit capacity in the afternoon. We went to Epcot to watch Illuminations and it was incredibly crowded but the fireworks were amazing. Illuminations was followed by special fireworks for the 4th. There were fireworks over the lagoon and from the American pavilion. I have to say the special fireworks for Christmas were better in my opinion at Epcot than Holliday Wishes.


Last year and prior years there was a fireworks show at HS (not Fantasmic) on the 4th of July.
I believe this is the only day of the year this is done.
Don’t know if this is planned this year.


ok I have done this twice now, and all I can say is keep a smile on!
The parks get hugely busy very, very early. Infact the MK was full to capacity at 11:45 one time. If you want to see the fireworks with the Castle as a backdrop you will have to get a spot really early on as everyone is thinking the same thing as you and it is a fight. HOwever, Disney has thought of this and the fireworks are so much more spectactular on the 4th. They tend to do them 360 so no matter where you are, you have them surrounding you. I will say though that we were forced to watch them from Tomorrowland as they rope off the lands of the MK when it is close to the Fireworks celebrations commencing so wherever you are…you stay until it is over!

One year we left the park early and went over to the Poly for dinner and caught the fireworks from the Luau beach area which was fab but now lots of people have caught onto that also and so that can get rammed also.

I hope I have helped and not scared you! :laugh:


This is kind of what I was expecting. I think if we go with the expectation that it will be ridiculously crowded and that we won’t get on many attractions we will be fine. I love the idea of a spectacular fireworks display in MK, even if we can’t get a great spot. We are planning on seeing the show earlier in the trip anyway, so the fourth is mainly just to say we spent it in the park.

I appreciate all the input. It gives me an idea of what to expect and expectations are the biggest fight when at WDW from my experience. As long as we keep our expectations realistic, we tend to do okay.

Thanks again, everyone!


exactly the right attitude! I think you need to just go with the flow and enjoy the fireworks. They truly are something to behold…no matter where you end up standing in the MK.