Fox Family Vacation 2010


We’ll this TR is overdue. It has been extremely busy since we go back. I hope you all will like it anyway, even if it is late.

Trip: October 30th – November 6th


Me: Nicole
DH: John
DN: Dakota-17
DD: Delaney-7
DD: Channing-4

As always the week leading up to leaving was hectic at best, but for the first time I actually finished packing early on Friday night and got everyone to bed around 9pm. We told the Delaney and Channing that we weren’t leaving until Sunday morning. Otherwise they would have been too excited and no sleep=cranky and no one needed that! I got up about 2:30am got ready. I woke the girls up at 3:30 and left at 4am for the Pittsburgh airport. The airport went smoothly. Hardly a line at security and the TSA agents were extremely nice and friendly. John had to go through one of the new scanners, but it was not trouble and it did not hold us up. He may have preferred the pat down had there been a cute TSA agent, but no luck.

The flight left on time and we landed in Orlando at 10am. A quick jaunt over to the ME lines and we were at the Polynesian by 11:30ish. I checked in online. I went up to the online check in desk and there was only one person in front of me. I did not even wait 2 minutes. The regular line to check was long. Yeah for online check in! Our room was ready and they told us that the box I had shipped down was here. I shipped down some snacks and such, which worked out perfectly. I just shipped it back on check out with all the stuff I couldn’t fit in our suitcases. I will defiantly do it like this again.

I believe our room number was 3829 in Rarotonga. It was right off the Ceremonial House, 3rd floor and right off the elevator. Perfect for convenience. It also had a beautiful view of the gardens and the monorail. The room was a nice size for the five of us. It could have been cleaner. I don’t think the baseboards had been cleaned in 6 months. Quite a layer of dirt and dust, but all in all it was good. First thing I did was check for bed bugs. Read up on the internet what to look for. I didn’t find anything so I was relieved.

We were getting ready to go to MK and I realized we had to get something out I had put in the safe. Our code would not work and because we had stuff already in it, we had to wait for maintenance to come open the safe. Everyone just wanted to get to the park. After about a half an hour they got the safe open and we were off. We got to the park around 1:30 or so.

We got over to MK just to see the end of one of the parades as we entered the park. It was a nice way to come in. The kids all wanted to hit Big Thunder and then Splash Mt. John rode behind us in the log of Splash and then karma kicked in. He made a joke that all of the weight was sitting up in the front where the rest of us were and we would be the ones to get wet on the big hill, which we did. Well then we stopped around the turn after the big hill another log came down and soaked him to the bone. Thanks karma. The kids wanted to head over to Toontown so we hopped on the railroad. The little ones love Goofy’s Barnstomer so we got in line. It wasn’t very long, but just long enough for Channing to fall asleep. As we are getting on the ride I could not get her to wake up and keep her head up. The CM said I would have to get here awake or we would have to get off. I got here just woke up enough and they let us go. She woke up completely on the ride and was ready for more. The kids were dying to see Mickey’s house again and as we were coming through, out to Mickey’s garden, John stepped out of a man’s way, caught his foot on the curb and fell backwards, over the fence and landed in the mulch on his back. I turned around just in time to see him lying with his feet over the fence, his knee wedged in between the fence posts. I helped him up, brushed the mulch off and started to laugh. I know, not a very good wife, but it’s not every day you fall into Mickey’s garden! He limped the rest of the week and his knee was swollen and he had a terrible bruise on both sides of his knee.

We headed out to catch the monorail for our dinner reservations at 1900 Park. We were the first sitting and dinner was good, but the characters interaction with the kids was better. Drizilla was by far the star. Channing could not understand that the autograph book I made her was for signatures not for drawing. Anastasia signed and Channing drew a rather unflattering, wide bottomed picture of her by her signature. Drizilla had a field day with this and made the dinner.

After dinner, we headed back to the Polynesian to relax and get a good night’s sleep. We were all tired from the early morning.


Remember there is no such thing as a late TR. Well, maybe if your baby was in a stroller at disney and she just graduated from collage, that might be considered a little late, but still acceptable. :laugh:

So you would rate the food as OK at 1900 park fare? A few here at one time loved the food, but thought lately the quality had dropped. Me, if I don’t have to do the dishes, I’m happy.


Pic #1 Cool picture out the airplane window
Pic #2 Catching a bit of the parade
Pic #3 Channing, Drizilla and Delaney
Pic #4 In the hotel room


What I had was good, nothing memorable. At the character buffets, I don’t usually eat much because I am trying to get pictures of the kids and, by the time I am done with pictures, I’m not hungry anymore.


Sounds fun so far! Can’t wait to read more!


Oh I have been having a pretty rough week and there is nothing like trip report to lift my spirits!:wub:

I love the reflection of Mickey in the airplane window shot!


Great start!!

Poor DH! I think I would have laughed a little too…but I’m sure DH didn’t appreciate that.

Can’t wait to hear/see more!


ok, I am here, waiting for more :smile:


Great TR! We too thought the character interaction at 1900 was better than the food. The food was a little too exotic for us the night we went and DH and I are adventurous eaters, it just wasn’t that good. I HATE red & green bell peppers and alot of the dishes had them so that could be why. But you are right Drizzella and Anastasia are AWESOME!


Can’t wait to read more…:slight_smile:


More? :happy:


Aren’t you supposed to be studying?? :laugh:


I am studying!!! :ph34r: