FP+ question


I got a call from Richard about a DVC trip he booked for us and magic bands. I’ve read that Kidani it joining the “fun” on the 30. After the kids leave, we are staying a few extra days from the 9/29 -10-2. So when he mentioned the bands, I thought maybe I could make a fastpass. I linked our APs and tried to do the FP+ and got this…

[B]We’re Sorry!
The selected date must be within at least one party member’s FastPass+ selection window. [/B]

What does that mean? In the background you see some of the dates we are there. I couldn’t do anything else. Just click close.


Checked web site again

Now it comes up with a week’s worth of dates for a nano sec, then the sorry sign, then it shows two blocks of dates. The dates underneath are starting on Nov 28. ??? Just keeps flashing back and forth.


Call the customer service line. I did almost everything over the phone and with my Disney experience. The rep I talked with was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.


We leave in a few days, I don’t know if I want to bother at this point. I thought I’ll just pull up the fp thing, pick a couple things try it out. I don’t want to be on hold for forever or have the process explained in 20 words or less, when I need 200 words or more to understand.


I am so sorry you have to deal with this!!! What a pain in the “tutu”!



Really until Richard called me this morning, I thought we had missed the starting window at Kidani, so no big deal. Then when he said DVC has a issue about the names for the magic bands, I’m like I wonder if I could get FP for anything. Now that it’s not working, I feel like I lost something.


Okay, I think you are in the same scenario as I am. You mentioned that you are at Kidani from the 9/29 to 10/2, and Magicband testing starts on the 30th? Well, you are getting those messages because you are not one of the chosen. We arrive on the 12th of October and testing for our resort starts on the 14th. I spoke with a CM, and she said that you only qualify if you arrive on the start date or later. So even though both of us are at the resort when the testing started, we arrived too early. In other words, if you arrived at Kidani on the 30th or later, then you would be a participant.

Good news to me as I’m good with the norm. Looking forward to my regular key card!


Well, you saved me a phone call.

By the way, the issue with the magic band…The whole family is down for 6 nights and then the last few days, just DH and I. The bands were printed out for me and SIL, not me and hubby. Not sure where the mess up is. It did say that a few weeks ago, but my online line checkin has my name and DH. Soooooo chalk up one more boo-boo for disney it department .


In Disney’s case I SWEAR IT must mean “It’s Terrible.”

I actually have magic bands in had and STILL can’t get my AP linked. I’m giving up.


OK, my experience is turning out differently.
At first I started doing the linking using the phone app and things seemed to be mostly OK.
I then started doing everything using my PC and browser. Still OK.
Bands arrived on Thursday, but not having them didn’t make a difference.
I’m slowly adding in the Fast Passes and things are still smooth.
The downside for Fast Pass + is that you can only schedule in one park on any one day and you max out at three. On the other hand, if you only ask for one FP+, you get set up for two other “recommended” attractions.

I talked to a phone CM today and he explained that all of these limitations will probably go away once they roll out the full system and go live.
One other down is that you can not schedule FP’s for your check out date or later and certainly not before, even if you’re going to be in town andh ave an AP.

Edit: Looks like I might be wrong about the rest of the week after I check out. I scrolled to the right and found W/Th/F/Sa/Su were there for me as well.


I have to say the process worked great for me. Band’s were ready for personalization before our 60 day window and today when the window opened we were able to make FP+ reservations for the whole trip. I was able to schedule FP+ for our checkout day. Pretty happy with Disney right now.


There wasn’t much personalization beside the color and we both picked blue. :crying:
No name directly on the band and no identifying marks to differentiate the two.

Edit: I was wrong. Each guest’s name is on the inside of the wrist band (sort of like the back of a watch).


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1138525]There wasn’t much personalization beside the color and we both picked blue. :crying:
No name directly on the band and no identifying marks to differentiate the two.[/QUOTE]

No number or something on the bands? Maybe later on they will have a way to personalize them…if you have a big family, it could get confusing…but I guess for the kids it doesn’t really matter as long as they have one?


Well after the confusion of who was staying with me, we didn’t get bands. DH woke up middle of the night with flu like symptoms. DD left at 6.m. and I went to front desk to see if we could get into next room before 11. Didn’t want DH in lobby sick. They got us a room about 9ish, so I had time to pack and move bags. DH just moved from one bed to the next bed. I’ve been watching movies all day and at this point, don’t care about bands.


Awwww. I’m so sorry. How awful. I hope it is a “24 hr flu” type of illness… :frown: My DD was sick one year for days—we managed to go to the parks the first day (before she got sick) and the last 2 I think… The rest I just sat around while she slept it off… I’m so sorry…Sending Pixie Dust that he improves quickly.


Thanks. Yes I’m hoping it’s the 24 hr thing too. We canceled breakfast tomorrow but we’ll see how he feels up to doing anything. We leave on weds. I’m hoping I don’t come down with anything. I’ve been washing my hands like crazy.


Sorry to hear you DH is sick. Sending pixie dust your way that your husband get well quickly.


DH seems better. I’m still OK. We are going to world showcase for a few hours and see how it goes.


Oh good. I hope you don’t “get it”. Take it at a slower pace today and I hope he is back to normal tomorrow for your last day…


Ughh my daughter was sick on one of our trips this year. I hope your hubby feels better and you do not get it.