FP's for Pandora


FYI - FP’s are now available for Pandora which opens on 5/27. DW got ours about 3am this morning.


We miss pandora by 2 weeks. In some ways I’m glad. It will be mobbed, not just there but in the rest of AK too. And it seems when rides first open there are issues only adding to the mess.

Now if I was younger (by 30 yrs) I’d have the endurance, but alas that’s just not us anymore.


We’ll be able to see it, heading to Disney the beginning of June. Got myself some FP’s but Sister who is going with me won’t have tickets until we get there so it was a bummer making FP’s just for me, as I’m sure there will be no availability once she gets her tickets.


I’ll bet you are right. The new stuff will be booked.