FQ is NOT available! So


what do you guys think. They have Riverside and Carribean available. It have never been to PORS but years agao I have been to CB. They also have PC too. I really want a moderate but I need your advice on which one you guys think.


Stayed at both and really enjoyed both. If you were wanting FQ then Riverside is probably the best way to go. You cannot go wrong with either


I’ve stayed at both and we prefer CBR but since you haven’t stayted at POR I would suggest it.


I haven’t stayed at CBR but I really liked POR each time I stayed! I love the resort and the option to take the boat to DTD:)


POR would be my choice too, lovely resort.


I am kinda leaning more towards PORS.


I think it’s personal style!

I decided the decor of the CBR rooms wouldn’t be relaxing–too bright!–so I picked POR. I really do love Alligator Bayou. It’s just laid back and makes me feel good.


I hear alot of talk about alligator bayou, what is it with that place? Also, did they recently update the rooms?


They are in the process of updating the rooms. They are not going to be done until 2012. They are making them princess themed rooms if I remeber correctly. That beind said, I would go to CBR to avoid the construction.


I would choose POR. The atmosphere is more laid back.


I talked to my DD,who is going with me, and we decided on PC. It is cheaper and its only for 2 nights. We won’t be staying at the resort much hanging around like we usually do.


Sounds like a fun choice, especially if you have not tried that resort.


We have been to PC but its been awhile. Have been trying other resorts and have gotten spoiled buy the deluxe resorts. This will be different for us.