Franco/Family's Five Day Trip Report


So, we are off and at them! No problems with airlines and a couple of trips ago we signed up for Budget’s “Fastbreak” so we were in our car within minutes. When I made our reservations months ago at SOG I asked for the new section high up and with a golf course view and that is exactly what we got! Brand new room and an awesome QUIET view! We loved it! Out of the seven trips in just two years to WDW this was our shortest, five days. The boys Leonardo (14) and Daniel (11) are real pros now, so we let them plan the trip, other then the restaurants which is my love. Our first night was at Epcot, which was fine with the boys, they are into all of the Japanese stuff, so they were in thier prime, plus something called DDR at Innoventions, whatever they were happy. We ate at the Garden Grill, first time there and it was really pretty good food, we kept the pans coming!! Plus the real reason we were there was the rehitching ceremony. It was pretty cool, our waitress and other CM’s and the crowd all were in on it, and my babe had no clue, then I gave her a real upgrade on her wedding ring!! She was stunned!! Then I asked the boys who had the worst job in the restaurant? They did not know, so I told them it was the people down below making the place go around!!! Yuk,Yuk, Yuk! it was a great night. Tuesday, was half of day at Typhoon Lagoon and half of day at MGM with the boys going to DisneyQuest after that for a quick dinner, and DW and myself went to dinner at “Mangino’s” at the SOG. It was a fine meal and in my humble opinion, it could be the best Italian food on site. We have been to Alfredo’s and Tony"s and were not impressed at all. Everything was fresh, pasta included. If you can get there it would be worth the trip. Wednesday, half of day at Blizzard Beach and back to MGM for the rest of the very hot day. Back to SOG for a quick break and then off to Fulton’s for dinner. I have created seafood monsters! We shared Calamari, oysters on the half shell, crablegs and two orders of lobster tails, thier nice pink lemonade it was our best meal at Fulton’s out of three visit. I had to sell our next born baby to pay the bill but it was awesome! Thursday was a big day for me, we did Cape May for breakfast, this is one of two of our best liked for breakfast the other being 1900 Park Fare. Then we went to MK early, man I am telling you we have the big rides down! Out of all the ways to do WDW we are of the feeling thet the early birds get the worms, we were done with all the biggies and more by 10:30 a.m. Back to the SOG, for a light lunch at “Evergreens” Pretty good bar food, and real good fries. Then it was time for me to get ready to take down the flag! So, off we go again to MK and it was even better then the first time I did it! They get the crowd involed by saying ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome Frank Collins A Vietnam Combat Veteran from Quincy, Mass. They cheer alittle bit and then we hear the band and we take down “Old Glory” Goosebumps all over my body!! They take a bunch of pictures and it is really well done! I am ALL American and this will stay with me forever!! After I get my heartbeat down it’s off to the California Grille for some of thier flatbreads as always they are excellent, it was a long day for this oldtimer so it was back to the SOG for a lttle hot tub and pool and a few Amstels. Time flys, and it is Friday, Boys are of again to DisneyQuest and we are off to do some shopping. Back to Epcot for dinner at LeCellier, This is Daniel’s best restaurant, we all had thier best steaks and lobster tails another fine meal! Then we walked awhile around Epcot before going off to Beaches and Cream for a night cap, none for me, my amstels were on ice calling my name!! Another excellent trip to the Mouse House and even if it was kind of bittersweet, us eating and playing like Kings and Queens while down the road they were lining up for water, we reminded the boys how lucky we are! No more trips for a while now, our next Disney thing is a Christmas Cruise December 24-31 2005 seven day eastern cruise!! seems like a long time away!! God Bless America!!!



Great report! So, you gave up on the full lobster? :wink:


Sounds like a wonderful time, especially the flag ceremony. And I know what you mean about the seafood monster…being from MD we introduced our DD to seafood when she was little. Now that’s her favorite thing wherever we go! $$$$$!! Oh well, can’t say I blame her…I love it too! Isn’t it funny, though, that the highlights of a lot of trips seem to be when we were pigging out at a wonderful restaurant???


Yes, we were very happy with the tails at both restaurants, Daniel’s birthday is coming in a few weeks and I will go down to James Hooks on the pier and get a bunch of them and we will all get messy at home!! :wink:



Hook’s ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Two weeks ago I got 4 chicken lobsters at Stop & Shop for $3.99/lb. They were healthy and the shells were so soft, I didn’t even use a cracker.

The S&S on Southern Artery usually has a very good fish market and their prices are usually the same as Hook’s. Save yourself the Big Dig headache.


Merlin, you are a fountain of information, keep up the good work! :wink:


sounds like so much fun!! Glad you liked the Garden Grill, its on our list of favorites and must do’s!


Also on our trip, I forgot to tell you all about a survey I just did yesterday. While walking around MK I was approached by a lady wanting to know if I would do a survey for Disney when I got home. She asked for my e-mail address and told me I would be contacted. I got the survey yesterday, it took about twenty minutes and was all about MK, no other parts of Disney. Wanting to know if I felt the magic, about food, CM’s, cleaniness and the like. It was kind of cool. Anyone else done this? Sure would like a free vacation out of it!! Yeah Right, Eisner will pick us up himself!!!LOL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Franco -

Thanks for sharing another great trip with us. Glad you all ahd a great time. :mickey:


Wow!!! Loved your trip report. Sounds like yall had fun and ate up a storm.


My eyes are green, but people keep telling me that they’re gonna turn brown because I’m so full of s… oops. This is a family website. :wink:


We completed our survey back in April…still waiting for our free trip, too.


Great report,Franco!! Sorry I missed you. I’ll see you off at the pier for your Disney cruise,as I live less than 30 miles away from Canaveral!!

Matt,what is Chicken Lobster???


Chicken lobster are simply smaller ones, between 1 and 1 1/4 pounds


Oh,I thought it was some new delicacy!!! :slight_smile: