Franco's report


I first have to say that on our second day on vacation I recieved a call
from my sister who was staying with my mom while we were gone. Mom
was rushed to the hospital with complications from many of her ailments.
DS is a wonderful person and a retired RN, but she is very dreary and
can be very dire. She is telling me that mom is not doing well at all and we
could be losing her soon. I needed to make a decision about our trip. I
decided to continue the trip for DW and the boys sake, they have been
extremly helpful with tending to my mom and needed some time off. So,
they went about doing what they wanted and for the next day or so I just
hung out at SOG with lots of calls to my sister. Bottom line is that mom
has stablized, but she is not doing well. Today I will see for myself how she
is doing.
disappointments: 'Ohanas, this one has always been one of our favorites,
but sadly the food was medicore at best. All things were bland and without
any taste of thier own, the turkey was the highlight of the meats which
on this night were all pretty dry, no return visit likely.
Magic Kingdom, although we love this park, Mickey had some problems on
this day. I realize the odds are pretty high but on Splash Moutain we were
broken down inside, just before the last little drop for twenty minutes with
all the boats backing up, right after that the boys and DW had a little longer
delay at Space Mountain and when the boys stayed at MK and DW and
myself left, we got on the monorail only to have to get off because of it
being broken down and had to wait on another! Go figure!
Good things: Best meal of the week…The Tchop Chop
Best meals on site… Mangino’s Yachtsman Steakhouse
Best breakfast…Spoodles
Best ride…Soarin, what a great ride this is!
Thats it for now…


Welcome back Franco. I’ll keep your mom and your whole family in my prayers.

I hope your trip had more positive than negative. Can’t wait for the next installment. Please keep us posted on how your mom is doing too.


Franco - I’m so sorry about your Mom’s health and the fact that your vacation was interrupted. Keep us posted. I’ll be thinking about all of you.


Welcome back, Franco! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I’m sorry about your mom, I’ll keep your family in my prayers.


I hope things got better, fast.


Hey welcome back. I know the feeling of being stuck on rides, not a lot of fun. I hope your mother gets well fast.


other good things…The boys went parasailing! DW and myself were in
the boat taking pictures, they loved it, they were about 450 feet high
and they went as a tandem.
Spoodles Pizza window not bad as good as it may get at WDW. Yes, I
know I am a pizza snob with the North End of Boston just a few miles
from home, but this one was pretty good.
Rose and Crown restaurant, this was our first visit and we liked it. Nice
atmoshere and the fish and chips were good, not sure about the peas
they serve with it, must be that whole “maddogs and englishmen thing”
Off site dining…Texas De Brazil was very good according to all the pure
Brazilian blood that was with me, DW,DS.DS. Very good meat miles ahead
of 'Ohana. The buffet went on and on as this white irishmen tried to fit in!!
VERY expensive, but thumbs up from DW, the only thing that was not
on the buffet that she wanted was the Kale.


Sounds better. I hope your mom is too.


Franco…sorry to hear about your mom, keeping her, you and your family in my thoughts.

Too bad about the disappointment at Ohana, but I’m so glad you really enjoyed Tchoup Chop…I really enjoyed it on my last visit as well.


Oops…double post:blink:


Praying!! :votive:


Franco - WElcome home. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and hope you get some good news about her soon. I hate that O’hanna missed it for you, but am glad that there were many other things that went right. I can’t wait to read more and hopefully see some pictures.


Franco, was this a Churrasco (probably just butchered the spelling) restaurant? We’ve been to a couple and LOVE them. There is a really good one in Orem, Utah of all places. My son went on a two year church mission to Brazil. When he got back, we took him up to school in Provo and went to this place (my DD and her husband recommended it). The manager stopped by our table to see if we needed anything, and my son says “Where are the chicken hearts?” The manager hurried away and came back about two minutes later with a skewer full of them. When we found out that my son had been in Brazil and developed a taste for them there, they spent the next 10-15 minutes conversing in Portugese.

Where is this place? Is it easy to get to?

BTW, our prayers are with your family. I lost my mom two years ago and know how important it is to have a loving family by your side at these times. God be with you.


Welcome home Franco! I’m glad you decided to carry on with your trip. Sometimes, fun and magic is just what the mind needs!

I’d love to hear more about SOG. Not too many of us get to go there, so I’m curious about the facility. Any pics of DS’s parasailing adventure?

Will keep your mom in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, you brought home some bags of pixie dust for her!


Welcome home, hope your Mom will continue to improve. We too were disapointed the last time we were at Ohanna. The service was not good, we had to keep asking for more food. Also the turkey was really dry. We chalked it up to July and it been so busy usually we visit in October.


So sorry about your Mom. :sad:


I hope your mom is doing better… Sorry your sis is so dire…my MIL can be like that…she always has everyone dying off a year or more before they are ready to go… it makes it hard to know based on her reports whether this is just her personal take, or based on real medical fact…

Sorry MK had a lot of breakdowns for you today and that Ohana disappointed–I’ve never eaten there… the food would not appeal to DH or my kids…

Bring some pixie dust home for your mom… it can’t hurt! :slight_smile:


Welcome home!!! I am so sorry to hear about your mom, and all the trouble you had at the MK.

It sounds like despite some of the bad stuff that happened, you managed to have a fairly decent time!

I can’t wait to hear more, Franco!


Sorry to hear about your Mom, I’ll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I’m glad that you were able to get away from things and enjoy your WDW trip!


More good news!!! I am going for denture surgery in a couple hours,
lots of scar tissue to be taken out. Once that rock starts to roll its
hard to stop huh? Oh well, life goes on.