Frazzled! I'm trying to plan and don't have time!



My job is keeping me so busy that I don’t have time to plan our trip!!! :nonono2: :nonono2:

This weekend I have to make time… wish me luck… everytime we set down to start working on it I fall asleep cause I am so tired… not to mention that we don’t start until 11:00 PM~!!! :nonono2: :noo: :nonono2:


Ron, don’t sweat it. You’ve been to WDW enough times to wing it if you have to. Just get your ADR’s and work around that.


At this point I just want to get my ADR’s… I’ve already missed the opportunity to goto HDD… bummer…

But you are correct… We WILL be going sans plans if needed! :wink: :tongue:


And if you eat at only CS restaraunts, you won’t even need ADR’s!!! :wink:


Oh, but you have time to post… :laugh:

Just kidding Ron.

Do you have a tentative daily Itinerary?


Take a deep breath,Ron,and do your plans this weekend. We’re all here to give you whatever help you need.


Hang in there Ron.
I’m sure you’ll get those ADRs done this weekend.

Good Luck!


Hang in there. Get in your must do ADR’s and the rest will come together. HDD is sold out on you already?


No worries, Ron. Make a little bit of time this weekend! And you know if you need advice, you can just post here. Everyone would be HAPPY to help you out!!! :wink:


So, how’s it going?


Yeah, Ron. How’s it going?? Did you and Mel spend ANY of this gorgeous weekend planning for your trip??


I was wondering that too



We need an update?

Hope all is going well.


Come up for some air Ron!!