Freaking out a little less now


Ok a while back I was totally freaking out about the prices of flights to and from FL!!!

Soooo, I waited and the prices went up and down and up and down. Finally, yesterday I got our flight TO Florida(Tampa, cuz we are going to the beach first). Frontier had a drop in price on the perfect time we wanted so I jumped at it!! So I scored a price right at $100 each for a non stop!! I was excited. However, the flights back are still SKY high!!! So I am going to wait it out for a while longer to see if we can get it any cheaper!!!

My kids are really excited about Frontier because they are the ones with the different animals on the tail of the plane and because they have TV for $5 !:happy: I am happy because Frontier is by far the best airline we have ever flown.

So now to get a flight home!!! :glare: Maybe we’ll just stay in florida!!!:happy: :cool: :happy:


I like the idea of staying in Florida!

Glad you got such a nice rate!


Hehe, well, if staying in Florida is what you have to do, I guess you’ll have to tough it out.:laugh:


I know huh!!!:happy:


Our flight home is also sky high- I am waiting for a drop there as well!


Rlander lucked out with SW. We are flying in May from INDY to MCO for $65.00 each person, each way.


OMG:eek: are you kidding me? What day of the week are you flying?? Today our flight home on SW is $240/person for ONE WAY!!!:blow: It makes me feel sick!! I usually do not even pay that for round trip!!!


Flying out @ 9ish am on a Tues.
Return flight leaves @ 6ish on Thurs. of following week

We originally booked the flight at a higher rate, but Rlander watches it LIKE a HAWK for rate increases and decreases. For a while they were staying UP, then we got a lucky break and they dropped. He took the chance, canceled our original flights and rebooked.

OH… had to come back to add that one of the reasons the rate is lower is because we have a Saturday in our flight schedule. I have no idea why this matters, but we have discovered over the many flights we have taken that is does.


wow daisee that is a great deal!

i love that we are close enough we can choose from 3 airports - all within 1 1/2 hours from us, so really if its saving lots of $, why not drive 20 more minutes, ya know!?! usually indy is cheaper for us, but i always check louisville and cincinnati, just in case!


when did that fare come out? I have not seen any may fares dropped yet! Im dying here!!!


It was last week, like Thursday I think. We always check INDY, Louisville, & Columbus for SW fares. All are within a small driving distance from us.


INDY is usually cheapest for us as well. SW does not fly out of CVG… so we don’t even bother. IT is Delta’s Hub and they are way to high!