Free Addmission on your Birthday


I have tickets and I am going to Disney on my birthday. I am thinking of getting the birthday fun card. Has anyone else got it and can it be used in Down Town Disney too? I know it can not be used toward food or beverage and do you know what the face value would be?



I am taking my first wdw trip in July. During that time my dd will celebrate her birthday and to my understanding the card is valued at $ 75 and can be used for any merchandise at wdw. I wasnt even aware that it couldnt be used for food.


I am sorry I don’t have any info for you. I would like to read the answer to your question also.


Yep, it has a $75 value and can be used for merchandise only at most WDW merchandise locations (DTD as well). You get a free gift for your birthday from Mickey.


Here are the details and how to register!

Walt Disney World | What Will You Celebrate?


Does anyone know what the child value is? I am taking Madison and wanted to know has anyone else used it other than their bday day? Thanks


My daughter will be during 7 and the rep informed me that the value of the card was $75 and the only thing I needed to do is bring a notarized copy of her birth certificate to guest services.


No that is incorrect. The price of the gift card is the SAME as the price of a one day CHILD admission (she’s under 10) that’s $56.70+tax . . . I think it comes to $65.

Adults are $67.50 and with tax come in around $75.

I did it with my DD, and I just showed her ORIGINAL birth certificate. You can show a certified copy if it has a raised seal.


We picked up DD5’s at 8:45pm at Epcot, then went straight to the resort. She used it the whole weekend. I THINK (someone check me?) it expires 1 year form the first use.


Thanks Jen for the info.


Since it’s an admission ticket, I’m assuming you pick it up before you enter the park. Is that correct? It’s DH’s uncle’s b-day the day we are arriving. We didn’t want to enter the park that day (our free dining package starts the next day, so we had to get a room-only for that night), so I just wanted to make sure it’s possible to get the b-day ticket without entering the park. We were planning to pick up his ticket at MK and then head over to the Poly for dinner at Kona. I just wanted to make sure that’s feasible.


Are you talking about the free park ticket or the gift card?
If the gift card I’m pretty sure you can pick it up and go on your way NOW the park ticket must be used the same day as your birthday.
Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong.


I think the FREE admission has to be used ON THE DAY. The gift card, you have more time. You pick the cards up at the will call windows, so that is before you enter the park.


Is that where you pick up the GC too? Is will call at the ttc?


There is one there, but I’m NOT SURE you can get the FREE tickets/GC there? I was told Will Call at the parks! I went to Epcot, since it was the one open the latest in January. I picked it up with 15 minutes to spare on her actual birthday! :laugh:


Wow! You JUST made it :laugh:
I’m planning on going to MK on her bday. I think will call is to the right as you enter.
Thanks for the info Jen! (Sorry I’m thread jacking everyone)


Now that I am re-reading this, it appears the usage of the gc is quite limited.

A birthday fun card in an amount equal to the price of a 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket* for you to use for certain purchases including select merchandise, recreation or tour experiences, or for Disney’s PhotoPass® on-site services at participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort;

SELECT merchandise? Jen, do you know what that means? Will we be relegated to $75 worth of pencils and autograph books?
(we are going to be there on DH’s birthday)


DH’s uncle lives in FL and has a seasonal pass. The website says that if you already have a pass, then the admission ticket is good for up to a year. It also says something about upgrading it to renew your pass. I’m not sure if he’ll do that, or take the gift card. Either way, we won’t be going into the park that day.


Another option is to get the Birthday fastpass (we did this in Disneyland for my son’s birthday in April 2009). It was really neat. They give you a fast pass for everyone in your group (up to 6). You still insert them into the fast pass machine, but the current time is printed on the fast pass, and you can ride right away. Then you can go directly to the next fast pass ride, and repeat. I’m not sure if there is a limit to how many fast passes you could get for the day (because we had to leave early that day)…but it was really neat to have the instant fast passes for the morning…we got on all the rides we wanted by Noon!!


As always, allears had the real scoop on the Birthday Fun Card:

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