Free day....should we go to Universal?


I was a big fan of Universal Studios in the 90’s. Some of the attractions I really enjoyed were Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies, Earthquake…The Big One, and other attractions that have since been retired.

My DH and I are going to be spending ten fun-filled days in WDW this fall and I noticed we would have time to drop by US during our trip if we felt the urge. My question(s):

Is US as good as it once was or have the attraction changes been to it’s detriment? Can you cover US and IoA in the same day with the 2-park, 1-day ticket? Or should we just hang out at DTD or Disney’s Boardwalk that day and save the US/IoA visit until the Wizarding World of Harry Potter debuts?

Thanks for the help!


We just went to US in February. It was ok. Some of the attractions were closed. IOA was very fun. You could also check out Sea World or Discovery Cove.


You cannot cover US and IOA in the same day unless you dont stop anywhere… :pinch: but I really like IOA alot better than US.


we have done both parks in one day. We don’t have kids and we did single riders(still next to/or behind each other)…it was also not that busy.
but in college we went every year…so we didn’t mind skipping some rides. If you go, you must do Spider-man.


I’m a big fan of Universal. I would want to spend more than one day there, but it’s better than not going at all.

If you have never been to IOA then you’re going to want to check it out a little more than half a day. There really is a lot to see and do. Once you know the park well then you can bop in and just go to your favorites.

As for the Studios, they have plenty of new stuff to take the place of the ones you loved. The Mummy is in there now, for heaven’s sake! :happy: There’s Shrek 4 D, which is outstanding, and Men In Black. And we never miss the Horror Make-up Show (which is nothing like it sounds, I promise you). They also have Fear Factor Live, ET, The Simpsons (due to open very soon), Twister, Jaws, Terminator…lots of stuff.

Check it out online. There are many ticket options too.
Theme Park rides and attractions at Universal Orlando Resort


Me, I’m waiting for Harry Potter. :happy:


We used to love US in California. I have never been in Florida. I would go!!!
Go again when Wizarding World opens


We love Universal and IOA. As mentioned above, there are tons of new attractions. You can also tour City Walk at night, we love to do that!

It will be very hard to cover both parks in 1 day (especially since they close at 6:00 and 7:00 pm). The Universal parks offer the option to purchase “express passes” (in addition to your entry pass). The price ranges from 19.99 pp to 40.99 pp depending on what day you will use it, and if you want it for 1 or 2 parks. The express pass is just like a “fast pass” at WDW. When you purchase this option, you get to use the express entrance for each ride in the park (only one time per ride). If the parks are very crowded, you will want to purchase these. Sometimes the “run out” of express passes, so you may want to purchase them in advance.

If you get the express passes, you may be able to get on most of the rides you like in the one day.

If you do go to U or IOA, I hope you have as much fun as we do! We love it!


It should be AWESOME!! I can’t wait to see it!