Free DDP


I have heard that WDW is discontinuing the free Dining plan after March of this year. We always planned our trip in the Fall during the less busy time & looked forward to receiving the free DDP. Anyone have any valid information regarding this, as opposed to just rumors? :sad:


I haven’t heard about that—hopefully someone “in the know” will post with a comment. :slight_smile:


I sure hope not, Free Dining brings in guest during the slow season


…the off season room discounts are good too…hopefully they won’t do away with that !!!


We wont be able to go for as long.come on disney free dining mean more daysmore shopping


Actually, as much as I enjoy the added earnings for the company and my stock, let’s not bring in so many guests during the slow season. Please?


When is it usually released if it is going to happen . I looked on the chart but cant figure it out


Disney offered an August - September discount which included a room percentage discount and a free memory maker. With that discount started the rumors of no free dining. Who knows what September will bring, but this is a great way for them to push their new memory maker. The sky hasn’t fallen yet, Chicken little.


I quite agree, fine sir!


Who? Where? Is there someone behind me?