Free dining 2010


Does anyone know if they will be doing the free dining in 2010 and when it will start?


I hope they do free dining. I love going during that time. Otherwise I Would never be able to afford to eat at all of the wonderful restaurants that I enjoy so much!

I am not positive but If I remember correctly last year it was announced in April and has to be booked by Mid June.

I think the offer was good for travel times between mid August thru early October.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they do free dining this year. We’re hoping to go in Sept. so it would be so cool to get a deal like that! We’ve never had a chance to take advantage of that offer before.


Everytime i call they said it should come out late march early april. We actually me be staying at ft wilderness so im not sure if we can take advantage of free dining. One CM says yes another says no.


Wasn’t it last summer or late summer they extended the free dining through the fall/winter? I know we enjoyed it when we went in December.


I know when we tried to use the dining plan at Fort Wilderness it was only available to those staying in the cabins not the campsites unfortunately. I love Fort Wilderness!


man… I may have to pay out of pocket. DH wants to cook but I think he fell off his rocker:blink:


Yes, my parents went late November and they enjoyed free dining as well. Hopefully they extend the offer again! I’d love to squeeze in a trip with the kids for Christmas after seeing how much my parents enjoyed the trip in November.


Sadly, so far we dont have a trip booked. Free dinning could change that.


My DH is also waiting to make a decision based on free dining again this year, although I’m not totally sold on taking the kids out of school again. We got a pin for free Quick Service dining but we love the full free dining plan- makes all the character meals & fabulous restaurants possible!!


Have you checked into how much it would cost to upgrade to the dining plan from the quick service. we went last Oct. with free quick service it was only around $10 a day to upgrade. for the adults and I think around $2 for child upgrade.


Great sugesstion ~ we hadn’t thought of that! Like most, we’ve quickly become addicted to our Disney World vacations so any ways we can find to save a little more money to make it happen, the better!


Ft wilderness is not included in the free DDP unless you rent a cabin.