Free Dining 2012


I’m baaack! I know I’ve been MIA for a year or so…not that anyone noticed or probably cared. But I’m back now & have a question. We are planning on going August 5th-12th this year w/my step son. Does anyone know when free dining is released? I’ve always gone in September…
Also, if we book this month, can’t we change the reservation to free dining once its released?? Thanks!


Hi Welcome bacK- can’t answer your question though but someone will- just nice to see you!


Welcome back!!! We always care :slight_smile: xxx

Not totally sure when Free dining is released in the US but we are going on August 1st and we have Free Dining included. However, I cannot say for sure if this is just an offer in the UK or whether it’s a worldwide offer?


I am also hoping for the free dinning, trying to go in August again. The other half asked for a cruise and I said good idea until we saw the prices for family of 5! Haha!


Welcome back, too soon to tell…


I’ve had a similar situation before. I had a reservation, then free dining pin came later. The process was to create a new reservation with the free dining, then cancel the original.


I happen to be planning the exact same week, still waiting on free dining. Last year they made an offer in December, then again in February or early March. The wait is killing us.


I noticed you were gone:)

Free DDP is usually the last full week of August and all of September. They extended last year, but I have never seen them start it much earlier. I can’t see them doing it during prime summer time. Can you adjust your trip to go later in the month?

They may have a PIN offer, but if you are talking about the normal free DDP, again, it’s the end of august…last full week in most cases. I am actually going the third full week to avoid the small crowd it brings. :laugh:


If they at least offer the QS free dining, the upgrade isn’t too bad. Just waiting for the offer though.


QS free DDP would release at the same time as the other DDP release. QSP is usually for people who have booked a value resort. I have never seen Disney offer just the one - that’s not to say it would never happy. I just have never seen it.


I got an offer in the mail with a pin number attached for 5/1 - 6/15. I’m looking to go in August though so i’m going to have to pass on it. It was for Quick Service only but it was offered to the value resorts.