Free dining better than new discount packages?


Ok, so we have our package booked for 8 nights at the beach club with free dining/park hopper/water park and more for 9/29-10/7. Now, a few discounts have come out on packages, and I’m just wondering if I should rebook without free dining?? I mean, it is 2 adults, so we are saving about 76/night with free dining. Does anyone know if the package discounts are better than that?? So confused, what do I do?? help please!:laugh: :blink: :huh:


I would stick with keeping the free dining. Even if the discount saves a few bucks more, you probably will get much more with the free dining. What I mean is we just used our free dining package. On previous trips, we watched what we spent, only going to one table service to keep funds in check, and ordering affordable meals at the counter service. With the free dining, I ordered what I actually wanted, at a much more expensive restaurant than I would ever go to. It was a great experience.


See, my dilemma isn’t really about the dining plan. I’ve used the dining plan last year (it was free then too:biggrin: ). I would definitely use it, even if we had to pay for it. If we paid for it, it would cost around 76/night. If the discount could save us more than that, it would make more sense though, right? Or am I just being crazy and overthinking everything??:huh:


Sounds logical to me. As long as you would save more than $76 per night and you can add the dinning plan onto it, why not?


I honestly would keep it as is. I think that having the dining plan will give you the freedom to choose restaurants you may not normally choose. you can also order things and not worry about spending the money on something you may or may not like. Sometimes a clear head is better than saving a few bucks. I know that I hesitate in spending to much money on things if I am unsure if I will like them. If the meal is free, I would be a bit more spontaneous with my choices. That’s just me of course. If you can save more than $76 a night with the new package, then go for it. I am not sure if you are allowed to combine different specials, so I have no clue if you would be able to add free dining to another special.


The 76 is the amount I would have to spend to add the dining plan and pay for it. I’m trying to determine if it’s better to pay for the dining plan, but get a better discount on the package/room rate with the new deals. Because basically, with free dining, I’m paying rack rate and saving 76/night because dining is free. It’s confusing, I know…I just don’t know what the discount on the beach club would be during those dates. If it’s less than 76/night, and we’d have to pay that much for the dining plan, it’s not worth it…make sense?? My brain is starting to hurt thinking about it all!:laugh: :blink:


The discounts would be about $70 per night at the Beach Club for your stay, around $77 with tax. It is pretty much a wash for you. I personally don’t think it is worth the hassle to make the change. I would just plan your dining and get ready for your trip.


That is to confusing to me…lol I would keep it as is…lolol I wouldn’t want the hassle on changing anything unless it saved me big time.


Thanks for the info! The concensus seems to be to stick with what we have. I guess we will…it’s just the overplanner in me gets anxiety when a discount comes out, wondering if it can be applied. Thanks for everyone’s advice!


Stick with what you got!


I’m sticking with what you’ve got. :slight_smile: Hey… we will be at BCR your exact same dates!!!


I think the nightly savings for the new codes is like $75 a night at the BCR…so you come out about $1 ahead in the COST to you… so as you said, you could book the free dining and pay for it…to get the discount…but it seems $7 better to keep it as is… So the dining plan, either way, is better…but the skin of your teeth…

With 2 more kids (one of our three is under 3) on the free dining… we come out even further ahead keeping the dining plan…

DOes that help?


Yes! Thanks very much. It does make sense to just keep what we have-as everyone has said. I just like to see the actual numbers-again, it’s the overplanner in me.
Your family is going to love the beach club-it’s our favorite! Have a great trip!