Free Dining Blackout


I’m helping friends book an upcoming Disney vacation (second trip for them to WDW, but first time staying on-site). They are going to book the free dining promo, but I’ve noticed that there is a “black-out date” from Sept 21-Sept 26. Is there something special going on at that time, or is there an American holiday during that period of time?

Thanks for the help!


I’m not to sure what that is a black out but that is the day after we leave so I guess I’m happy I booked when I did.


I’m booked within that time frame and they did not mention anything to me when I added free dining


That’s odd. Our dates include a few of those days and nothing was said when I made the reservation. Maybe those dates are just full?


That would be my guess as well. There isn’t a holiday around those dates and typically Americans and Canadians get the same sort of discounts (as apposed to the UK which gets a different type).

I’d have your friends call and double check. That seems odd.


The Disney site advertising the Free Dining Sale indicates that the Free Dining does not apply to reservations arriving between Sept 21st and Sept 26th, although it does include dates before and after. Our friends are arriving Sept.20th for 5nights so they do qualify for the free dining. I just know that Disney sometimes will avoid having deals during busier weeks like the week of Presidents Day, and those are holidays that we don’t have here. Just thought maybe something special might be going on that week that I wasn’t aware of. The last time our friends went they got caught during the busy President’s week-end crowd and I wanted them to avoid another crowded trip.


Not really a lot going on in Sept to warrant a black out. HS is hosting the STEP competition earlier in the month and Disney’s Homeschool Days are the week of the 21st, mainly at Epcot but neither group qualify for DDP so I wouldn’t think that would effect ressie’s. Hmmm…


Can you tell me what “Homeschool Days” are?


My guess is it is a time designated for families that can travel during the school year because they homeschool their child(ren) and thus are able to take time off for vacation without pulling kids from school.


It’s a special program set up by Dis to help educate kids in areas they don’t normally get in a regular school environment. Dis sponsors many youth programs to go “out-of-the-box” of the norm.
Link: Event Information | Homeschool Days | Walt Disney Youth Groups


We arrive Sept. 22 for 10 nights and friends of ours just booked Sept. 22 - Oct. 1 - and booked Free Dining, no problem. Weird.

I thought you could only book the FD package until June 6 or so…wonder what’s up?


I do see where the site says that but I have friends that arrive on 9/26 and they also have free dining. Think maybe it was something added a while after the promotion came out because of high demands on those days?:huh:


Hmmmm…maybe they added the blackout since they’ve extended the dates for booking. Thanks for all your help!!


:ohmy: we’re booked Sept.26- Oct.4 with free dining at Pop!! Try again with an agent maybe.