Free Dining Booking Deadline Extended



Booking window extended for Walt Disney World Magic Your Way Vacation Package with FREE Dining Plan!

You now have until June 25, 2006, to book a Magic Your Way package with theme park tickets and the FREE dining plan for most nights August 13 - September 30, 2006.


Hmmmmmmm…That’s great news if anyone was still contemplating a trip down!

I wonder, though - does that mean they didn’t get as many bookings as they thought they would?? Does that mean the crowds will be extra-light?

I’m hoping for a super light crowd level!


well, i had no trouble changing my dates at the resort or my ADRs last week…so here’s hoping!


I wonder if the extension means they didn’t book as many packages as they hoped…makes you wonder anyway.


This is good news for myself. I’m book & paid for at POFQ, but our Union just passed a strike vote, so if it happens, this will give me some extra time to downgrade to POP. Hopefully not!!


I’m pretty sure you can still modify your reservation after the deadline date…as long as the original was made by the deadline. But, here’s hoping you don’t have to do that!!


I, too, am hoping this mean the crowds will be extra light!!


I love the free dining and loved that they offered it but the whole reason we picked to go in September was for the lower crowds. The free dining was just a bonus.


HERE it is BELLA!!! Allyson posted about it!!! Dang, still only until September 30th, well here’s hoping they will extend the travel times just for you and the Dave!


That was my thought too! :cool: It gives me a little more time to think about bumping my trip up a week. We arrive on the 7th of October. I’m with Bella (in the other thread). I’ll hope the dates for free dining gets extended, but I won’t hold my breath, lol.


You may want to do this before June 25. Once an offer like this expires, Disney will not let you chance resorts. You can change dates, but not resorts.