Free Dining Code for 8/24/08 - 9/20/08


Saw this on another website… may be a rumor. But thought I’d share in case it works for someone. I’m planning to give it a try! On another webiste, poster states that Mom is a travel agent and recieved an email from Disney Rep. 2008 Free Dining. 08/24/08 - 09/20/08. Disney Visa holders can book on 04/07/08 with code AYG. General public will open up on 04/10/08. No code listed for that one.

Let’s hope it’s true!


I made an error in the date in the thread title and left of the 2 in 24… Dates are 8/24/08-9/20/08. Don’t know how to fix in thread title! Sorry!


Thanks for the info!!! Im sure others will be able to use it!


aw, darn. The omission of the 2 in 8/24 really threw me off! I thought I would be able to take advantage for my trip from 8/17-8/24-oh well…didn’t think so anyway:mellow:


I fixed that for you. Thanks for the information, I hope a lot of people here can book this.


This is now offical for Disney Visa cardholders today (4/7/08) and the general public on Thursday (4/10/08)


I may have to look into it for when we go in September depending on when we go that month


I have a question- now that we are AP holders- do they get to take advantage or do they still have to buy a one day pass? that would stink since a one day pass is more than the free dining-


It is, but I’m pretty sure you can use it toward your AP renewal.


I hope since my trip BEGINS on 9/20 that we’ll be able to include the Free Dining for the entire week. Any idea if that’s possible?


yay!!!:goofybounce: Just got off the phone with Disney we are all booked with the free dining plan, and soooooo excited. We are staying at Pop century!! We cant wait to go back and see Mickey mouse and to get the free FOOD!!


Yes, it is! We are booked at Pop Century from 9/19-9/28 and I just added the free dining to it today and it’s for our whole trip. As long as you check in on or before 9/20, the dining will be for your whole stay! Good luck!


hmm…what if you check out on 8/24? Can you apply it to the entire trip? :laugh: :blush: probably not, but I just had to put it out there…


Nope. Room rates, etc, are based on the day of your arrival. One year we made sure to arrive the day before DS birthday to get him at the cheaper rate for the whole trip.


No…sorry…based on check in date only. Good try though!:laugh:


I am booked with disnay visa and free dining… Thought it would be 2 years before I got back, but we are going in Sept. DH said to good a deal to pass up…


Wow, what a deal! Thanks so much for posting this info… maybe a quick long weekend is in order!