Free Dining & Dana's Incredibleness!


Dana, I didn’t think you could get any more wonderful, until you posted on my FB page that Arts of Animation is now including free plan! Now, I have a tough decision to make.

What is the price comparison vs. the cabins at Ft. Wilderness? Would I save any money switching my reservations over?

We love Ft. Wilderness, but we also love Pop Century, which is now closed off to our larger family. Plus, my daughter’s favorite princess is Ariel. I know that section won’t be ready or suit our family, but just to see it would thrill her.

I’m ducking out on a mini-vacation this afternoon. So I look forward to finding out more when we get back on Tuesday.

P.S. You are hottest travel agent on the planet!!!:wub:


Cavey -

The incredibleness is that of Mouseketrips. With respect to all that is Mousebuzz, I would be happy to help you with that vacation offline. Shoot me an email. :heart: Thank you for your praises. I aim to please.:heart: