Free Dining in October


Hey there people,

Has anyone heard of free dining being extended till the end of october this year?


Not a word about them extending it as far as I know. Time will tell…crossing fingers for you.


Ty I can only home. So I can go


Why don’t you just move your trip to when the Free DDP is, so you can go? You can celebrate your birthday early. Why gamble with the ability to go? It is going to be a long shot that they have the free DDP through the month of October…big long shot, but I guess it’s possible.


I talked to a cm and asked that very question
The cm told me that the free dining will not be extended.
I think they tell us that every year then magically they extend it

So who knows


I thought they could not say what is coming up. Only what is current offer is


Hope they do extend it to October for you Mikey- free dining is always good.