Free Dining in the Fall--Only two adults?


I just checked the WDW site and the special says the free dining is limited to two adults per package. This is contrary to what Mousesavers had announced. Is this correct?


Well, it took me a while to find it, but here is what it says;

Price based on 2 adults in a standard room

This is the only spot in the entire thing that mentions two adults. Disney does not limit the amount of adults in a package. I booked several yesterday that had 3 or 4 adults in one room. Am I missing something, can you quote what you saw that said just two adults?


Thanks, Mick. I read the text under the link on the Special Offers page which says,

“Obtain free dining for 2 adults when you buy our new Magic Your Way offer, available from 8/13/06 - 9/30/06”

Evidently, “two adults” was just meant as an example. Thanks again.


I was wondering about that caption also.