Free Dining Pin Code!


My parents AND my sister each received a brochure with a free dining pin code for most dates thru December. Thanksgiving week and election day week were blocked out. I can’t remember what other dates were blacked out. Unfortunately neither can use it. I’m guessing that means the offer to the general public can’t be far behind.


Congrats to them! Those pins have been going out for awhile and I really hope they are released to the general public, but I have no idea if they will be.


I sure hope they are released soon too. We are thinking about maybe banking our points for a Hawaii trip and if free dining comes out, then we will take that opportunity and it’s almost for sure that Hawaii is a probability.


I understand T/giving week being blocked out, but why Election Week??? I check-in on November 3rd. :frowning:


That’s one less day kids will miss school, and some will also be off work.