Free Dining Pin is Out There!


Just had a friend tell me she recieved an e-mail pin yesterday for free dining. Dates were April 23-Aug. 13.

Also had another friend call Disney Travel to reserve May trip late last week and Travel Agent told her that Free Dining would be coming out for usual sping and late sumer dates.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the re release of the Free Dining!


I just got one yesterday–QS for Vals and Mods pretty much all summer and TS for deluxe from July 17 thru middle of Aug.


BTW, that’s the fourth PIN offer I’ve gotten since October–2 for free dining and 2 for 35-40% off room rates. Are all you (fairly) regular visitors getting these?


I have gotten 3 since then… and this is the one year that I can’t use one. I am having a baby, and it may be a little hot for a 1-2 month old in June… Darn it.


Yeah, we really can’t go this year either. When we do go back I’m betting I don’t get any.


I am a fairly regular visitor and just got the 30-40% pin. I am using the Kids Play Free instead because its a better deal. I was hoping for the free dining to be released again.

My friend that got the pin has never been to Disney before. She just booked a grand gathering for May a month ago and recieved this pin. I told her to call the travel agent and change her reservation. I am so jealous!!


we are ap holder and got a 35% off val. and mod. and 45%off deluxe. So we did book for Oct. with it for now.


Got one today as well for the summer
Were not using it not going until 2012
But hey its tht thought that counts


It seemed like we got a pin offer either through mail or email every few months or so but we haven’t seen one since just before our last trip last March!

We were at WDW this time last year…:frown:


Oh I didn’t get the pin. Can someone forward it to me please?


I’ve never received a pin for anything. :frown: I’ll be patient. I’m sure my time is coming.