Free dining plan Is it worth switching?


I have room only AAA at GF for Sept 27 - Oct 3. We already have 5 day park passes from a vacation last year that we had to end early due to a death in the family. Now I am thinking that the free dining might be a good deal. Disney will allow me to book 1 day park passes and get the free dining for the 6 days. However, we will not get the AAA room discount. So the additional cost is $671. Does this still sound like a deal?

Has anyone every figured what it cost (without the dining plan) for table service, counter service, and a snack per day?


I am normally an advocate of the dining plan…LOVED IT
It really all depends on how much your family eats. If you have little kids that dont eat alot you might be better off with the deal you have.
As far as what it costs per day, well that all depends on where you want to eat?


We have the following ADR’s - 2 adults, Children 9, 7, & 2:
CRT Breakfast
Ohana’s - Breakfast

Chef Mickey -dinner
Tony’s Town - dinner
Liberty tree - dinner
Coral Reef - dinner
Whispering Canyon - dinner

So I figured that we would use the table service for mostly dinners - which I averaged at $90 - 100. That alone is $600 and the cost to change to the Free dining package is $671. So if the counter service and snacks would cost more than $71 it might be worth it.


I think you can guarantee that the counter service will be more than $71!


I would say with the size of your family yes it is worth it to switch. And remember that the dining plan covers tip ect.


I’d say yes as well. With that many sit downs already planned, I think you’ll get your monies worth and not have to worry about it while you’re there!

We LOVED the free DP last year and will be going back again this year to take advantage of it again!


In 2005 we arrived the day the DP started selling. We couldn’t get it.

In the end we were able to eat cheaper than the dining plan, but our choices were limited. Some restaurants we ordered off the appertizer menu–filling, but limited.

You CANNOT beat the DP rates if you are doing character meals or all-you-can-eat buffets.


I agree–we save so much using the DP—means I have more $$ for pins!! LOL!!


You collect pins? Why didn’t you tell us. :tongue:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Hiya Funny Guy!


Last year,I switched to a regular room for Night of Joy weekend when the free dining plan came out. For an additional 56 dollars for the three nights,I saved 440 dollars on the plan. Yes,it is certainly worth it!!


You would make up the $71 dollar difference alone with just the included snack portion of the dining plan.
Plus, you get an appetizer & Dessert with each table, something I wouldn’t normally order!!


we are going for September 10 to the 18th how important is AR for September we went last jUne and didnt have AR for everynight and it was ok. but we didnt do alot of sit down meals. this time it will be just the two of us so we plan on taking things slower, .


I would definitely make ADRs before you go since you will be there during the free dining plan. Last year when we entered the parks in the morning, it was not uncommon to see a sign that there were no more ADR slots available in any of that particular parks sit down restaurants. With so many people on the free dining plan, the sit down restaurants were chock full.

I would make ADRs for sure!


Why not hold on to the no-exp tickets and go for the full passes. Itsa little more, but over time it would average less per day. Or switch out to more expensive meals.