Free Dining Plan - offered when?


Can anyone tell me when the free dining was available? I need to know the dates because I’m arguing with AAA. They’re telling me it WAS offered in March when I booked my trip but I just want to clarify. Now, had anyone said a thing about “free” to me, I would’ve jumped on it like a starving man at a buffet. I know that any normal travel agent would’ve known this and not missed such a thing.

I’m on a mission with this because I don’t like being screwed around. It won’t destroy my trip or anything like that because the DDP is still a good deal for the price but FREE is a much better deal. AAA really got me going last week when they said that they would keep an eye out for any additional discounts and automatically apply them to my package.

Thanks in advance.


I am not certain it the codes for that came out in March or not, but I remember them being available until the end of June. You can try searching on here for Free dining or on the “front page” forum to see when mickey posted it.


Here is the thread that announced it for this year.
It was posted on 4/1/06…so it wasn’t in march…april. Sorry.


Oh, that helps a lot. Thanks for your help.

See, that goes along with AAA saying that they keep an eye out for discounts and apply them.


Sounds like next time you should book with mousketrips. they rebook you at the discounts as they come out. Live and learn right? Sorry you are missing the dining.


As a note, the original offer expired June 4, and then was extended a few days later with slightly different dates. Actually, the free dining was available to Disney VISA card holders on April 1 and to the general public on April 4. A good place to see when all discounts started and ended is here: - Historical Information on Walt Disney World Resort Discounts

Let me know if you need any help.


Since you can’t get the free dining, did you look into the room discounts going on? It’s not as good savings, but it’s something!


I agree, see what kinda of discount AAA will give you.


I was told by Disney just the other day that that new room only code offers a better savings than the AAA discount. I’m pretty sure if you’re doing room only, the code works best.

I’m not sure which gives a better discount for a package since I booked room only this time, and didn’t look into package prices.


I’m sorry AAA didn’t come through for you, I would be upset to miss free dining too. You have a great attitude and I’m sure this won’t ruin your trip but the extra money would have been great.


Sounds like AAA owes you free dining!


Don’t give up hope!!! Last year when we booked our Sept. trip in August, I think, Disney actually offered the free dining again!!! There weren’t many places still open, but it was a good deal!!


Thanks for the info, guys.

Update: The AAA rep left a message the other day. She said they were TOLD not to offer the free dining. Basically, their telling me that they keep an eye out for discounts is a lie, at least in this case. I’m not dropping it, however. They’ve got my rebellious side (it’s large) in full gear now, especially because she never seems to be available when I call. But I will be calling back this week to argue some more. Just haven’t had much time lately.

I did a package deal with AAA simply for ease of payment (we have another person coming from NJ) and because I was happy with the savings over Disney and the Mouseketrips quote I received (about $300). So, the hotel only discounts wouldn’t apply to me (I already tried).

Like I said, it’s not going to ruin my trip and the $38/day X 2 (my wife and I) won’t break the bank for us but it’s just the principle of the thing at this point.


You may want to direct some of your energy toward Disney Reservations asking them to help you out because you were misled by your travel agent (AAA) who happens to be a major Disney partner!


^AHA, good idea. Thanks.

I just called AAA again and got the branch managers name. The guy I spoke with gave a different verison of the story. I told him that a travel agents sole purpose is to find the best deal for their customers. He agreed and said that he felt that at some point during the calls I made to them to make trip payments (about 4 times), something should’ve been said.

Seriously, if it weren’t so close, I’d cancel the trip and make plans elsewhere.


If I ever say I’m going with AAA again, someone punch me. I called last night to add the DP and they told me nobody was there that could do it and to call back today. I call back today, get someone on the phone, and she puts us on hold for 15 minutes. I call back and nobody’s answering and we’re still on hold. Not only that, but the manager at that office (Charlotte, NC) doesn’t call me back. I guess they think I’m going to go away. Well, I’m not.

You know, I keep saying that this won’t affect my trip but it’s starting to. These people are terrible. Considering that I work in customer service myself, I am just horrified by their lack of assistance. It’s pretty bad that, not only did I not get the free dining, but I don’t seem to be able to even PAY for it.

OK, we finally got it added. I really let that woman have it, too. Told her I’d come to Charlotte and give free customer service lessons because they obviously need it. You don’t make someone wait 15 minutes on the phone without a response.

At least it’s still 4 weeks away and I have time to calm down. Sorry, I just had to vent somewhere.


That’s all right,Eric. You can vent here safely!!!


I feel your pain … I had the same thing happen with Liberty travel… It took me 5 calls to fix it … I ended calling the head office as well…
glad to see you got it fixed… have a great time and happy “free” eating !


We didn’t get it fixed. I had to pay for it. But I’ll be awaiting the managers call on Monday. I hope they understand that I’m not dropping it because if she blows me off on Monday, it’s not going to be good. Next step after that will involve my best efforts in putting someone on unemployment.


Ugh. You’re the second person I know who missed free dining due to questionable service. It’s too bad :sad:

I hope you can put this behind you before your trip. I require my bodyguards to have a happy countenance.