Free dining plan


did Disney do the free dining this year in september… we are trying to plan our trip between September and nov if there was a chance for free dining id defiantly take September more money for toys.


We had free dining in October last year which was a nice surprise, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll have it again this year. Would be nice though.


They do seem to have had it around this time of year the last few years, we are hoping for free dining too, its such a bonus and such a great deal.


We had free dining last Sept.
I think it ran from the very end of August to early Oct last year???


[QUOTE=Reiko;1021412]We had free dining last Sept.
I think it ran from the very end of August to early Oct last year???[/QUOTE]

Yup…mid-august till the end of the fist week of october.


Actually it was longer, we went the week before Thanksgiving, as usual, and had free dining. For the first time.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for free dining in Sept. It would save us at least $800.00. Like you said Faerie dust… more money for toys! :slight_smile:


I hope they have it this sept to but if they don’t I’ll still get the dinning plan :mickey: I was there last august 16th in we got it then:cool:


I too am hoping they do it when I am there in aug


Due to low bookings didn’t they extend it into Dec? I do remember it in Nov. But I don’t think that was the norm.


My travel agent has heard rumblings of a promo coming out early next week, but not sure of the details. Could it be the free dining? I did notice the 25-40% off promo is good through Aug. 14 travel. Just about when they have started the free dining in the past. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


Imma prayin for it! :biggrin:


Fingers crossed here too! It’s probably the best deal out there IMHO. I wasn’t sure we would be going back to DW this year but the way Daddy’s little princess (DD 4) keeps asking (practically daily!) for her “Charming” to take her back to the Castle, it’s looking more likely every day ~ IF they offer free dining!!