Free Dining Promo Questions


Three Questions (answer based on past years):

  1. How much money do you have to put down on the Free Dining Plan Package?

  2. If you get the advanced offer from Visa, do you still get the zero interest for 6 months?

  3. If you book 11 nights, do you get 12 days of the dining plan or 11?

  1. You have to book a Package so you’ll be required to put down a deposit of $200 at the time of the reservation. The rest is due 45 days before your trip.
  2. Yes, you’ll still have interest on other balances but not on the packages…at least that’s how it’s worked for me.
  3. If you book 11 nights you’ll get 11 dinners, snacks and counter service meals. This usually works out if you consider travel days…if you say…drive that’s really only 9 days in the parks so you’ll have to space out 11 meals in that time…you know what I mean? But if you fly it’s a different story because you can be there earlier in the day and leave later.

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Bella’s answers are 100% correct. Hey, do you want a job?

One clarification, you can hold a MYW reservation for 14 days with no deposit, but in the past, any advance release of discounts for Disney VISA card holders have had a requirement that the $200 deposit be paid when applying the discount.

My suggestion would be to book the reservation now, and pay the $200 deposit. If the free dining is not released, or it doesn’t work out for you, you can get the $200 back as long as you cancel more than 45 days before you travel.


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  1. Can you book this vacation with the promo code on the website or do you need to book through a vacation specialist such as Mouseketrips? :happy:


You do not have to book through a TA, you can call and book it like a normal vacation.

  1. You can’t book online you’d have to call Disney directly, I think. However, the code isn’t out yet so you would have to book your reservation now and call back later and apply the code once it comes out OR call and make your reservation then. I would book it through Mouseketrips for a few reasons. If you book yourself now you’d have to call back later and apply the code or if you wait til the code comes out you’d have to call and book as soon as it comes out because people are practically drooling over free dining. It could be VERY hard to get the code applied to your reservation on your own. Only a limited amount of rooms are available for the promo and you may end up having to switch resorts etc… etc… I am sure it can be done but it might be a headache. I booked through Mouseketrips last year (even though I very sadly had to cancel my trip) and I booked it about four months before the code was announced and I got an e-mail from Scott the very day the code was announced saying that they had applied it to my reservation and I now had free dining. Simple for me!