Free Dining Question


Okay, so. We are thinking we are probably going to rent DVC points and stay at a villa this year. But here’s my question, we normally go through a travel agent who reserves our hotel in like March w/o a DDP package, and then when the free dining is announced she calls back and adds it on.

So, when we rent the points, is that what we would do. Just rent the points and reserve the villa without a dining plan, and then when free dining is announced, call back and add it on?

Thanks for the help!


You can not rent points and get the free dining- you have to do one or the other!!!


How come you can’t do both?


I believe(and I am pretty sure this is correct)…
In order to get free dining you have to book a package at regular rack rate. When you rent points or when a DVC owner uses their points, it is not considered a “package”, even if you buy tickets and do the dining plan. It must all be purchased together as a package with a regular priced room. Does this make sense or am I rambling? Hope this helps!!:laugh:


DVC members are able to get the dining plan if they stay using points. I am not sure if this makes them eligable for free dining. But they do not have to purchase a package to add on the dining plans. Not sure how it goes with renting points.


The free dining offer is part of a package. DVC members are not buying a package, so free dining is not available.

Free dining is not always “free” by the way. You have to run the numbers. Paying rack rate is sometimes more costly than using a discount and paying for the DDP.


No DDP packages with points…you have to pay out of pocket for the DDP and are no eligible for free dining.