Free dining Question


Hey everyone! I have not been around lately! Kinda had a rough last year! HOWEVER – We are trying to plan a trip to WDW for next spring/summer! I am so excited I could cry! I knew I needed to get back in touch with everyone here at mousebuzz cuz you guys know all!!

I am wondering if we check in while the free dining is going but our check out date is after it ends will we get it for our whole trip? or only the remaining days of the plan? Anyone know?? Thanks in advance.


Welcome back, so nice to see you:heart:I hope this year is smoother for you.
I am not sure I could answer your question, but someone on here will be able to. I would have thought it (free dining) should go right the way through your dates, however, knowing Disney it probably wont:laugh:I hope it does work out well for you.


We had this exact situation with our upcoming trip. We were scheduled to arrive Oct 30 but meal plan expired Oct 28.
We were told if we arrived two days early (oct 28) that we woiuld have meal plan for the extent of our trip. Hurray!
As it all turned out we are staying two extra days (although we had to pay for two extra nights at hotel and extend park hoppers for two more days)
We were still paying less than if we had to pay for meal plan for the seven days we originally planned for our trip. Plus we are staying for nine nights instead of seven. Win Win all the way around.
Have a great trip!


I believe it is as long as you check in during the free dining dates, then you get free dining for your whole stay.


Dixie–thanks so much, i love this place everyone is soo great! and you all share my love for disney!:wub:

And thanks for the answers! I was hoping that was the case!! We are planning to arrive before it ends so I hope we get it for the whole trip!! YAY:laugh:


I just helped my brother book his trip for the end of May & the CM we got told us that free dining was only included for the dates of the promotion. I told her that in years past I had checked in at the last day of the promotion & received free dining for the whole trip. She actually argued with me that I could not have. In the end my brother got free dining but 4 of his 8 days were in the free dining time frame. The was the first time ever that I actually could noy wait to get off the phone with a disney CM, she was actually rude! (But it ended well because free food prevailed!)