Free dining ? Winter


We r planning on doing a 3 night cruise in December. Want to spend 5 days at the World. I think they had free dining last year in December anyone remember what time frame that was.


I do not remember but would like to get that answer myself.


These were the free dining dates for 2011. No December that I could find. They did release some free dining dates for winter in December, but I don’t think it pertained to the month of December unless you had a bounce-back offer or pin.

2011: Jan 1 - 5 • Jan 9 - 13 • Jan 21 - Feb 3 • Feb 11 - 17 • Feb 25 - Mar 3 • May 27 - Jun 2 • Aug 19 - Sept 29


Iris, I may be wrong (just don’t tell Roland), but I don’t think we can have free dining when you rent points. DVC people, am I right…wrong? :confused:


That is correct. You are allowed to buy a DDPlan but you can’t have it free. I think it should be half price or something awesomely cheap.


well that stinks but I am alright with that. I don’t really want anything free. I got a good deal with the points


I think free dining sometimes kicks in just after Christmas, can you imagine the additional chaos of Christmas week if they put on free dining too? shudder


I know is already crazy for Xmas. But I really thought peak season started on the 23.