Free dining


HI all !! I am looking to go back to WDW Sept or Oct 07. Does Disney offer free dining every year at that time??


IT has done for the last 2 years, but who knows about next year!
I wouldn’t plan a trip depending on free dining, if you are going at that time of year anyway and it is free just look at it as an added bouns!


I nearly fell off my chair when I heard them doing it this year, and would be just as surprised if they do it again next year. There should be discounts, just not sure we will see the free dining again.


For our trip this September, the free dining was just an added bonus. But if WDW is using the free promotion to get people who otherwise wouldn’t purchase the dining plan to try it out, I suspect it’ll work on us.

From what I understand, even the regular price of this dining plan is well worth it.

I agree that I wouldn’t book for any particular time of year solely on spec that they’ll run the free promotion again, unless there was some other reason to consider going in Sept-Oct.

If there’s a charge, it’s still probably a good deal. If it does end up being free, then it’s a great deal!


I had no idea about this whole free dining thing! I’m so out of the loop!! Someone please fill me in!


during the new “early beginnings” time or aug and early sept? They are including the dining plan for packages to encourage its use. But there was a deadline I believe as to when you had to book it by- and I am not likely to go to Fla in aug or sept as its humid enough here then- I dont want to know how bad it will be in Fla!


Sounds like I missed out! I’m with all of you hoping they do it again next year! That is, IF I am able to do a trip next year (fingers crossed!!!)


you do realize that babies fly free on your lap right? hint hint hint


I believe the deadline was at the beginning of June. I would agree with everyone else, I wouldn’t count on the free dining, but if they do offer it, think of it as a bonus. Have fun planning!


why dont they offer stuff like this in Feb? It is the last week of value season- dont they want us to come??


I am not sure, but late August and September is major hurricane season. I think that may be the reason of the specials every year at that time.

The special usually comes out late May early June. This year the free food was from August 13 - September 30, I believe. We always book in September, when we go. The deals are terrific. My girlfriend booked August 12 and got not food, and the price for her and her husband at the Contemperary is the same price I got in September at the Contemperary for me, hubby, and son (which I had to pay for). The deals in September, food or no food are GREAT!!


When I booked our trip last year the CM on the phone told me the reason for the free dining was that Disney was afraid no one would come during what are the peak months of hurricane season. Remember the previous year FL was hit by four hurricanes.

As memory fades next year, they might not offer it again…


Then its our job to keep reminding people of hurricanes!!!


The dining plan was worth the cost (for us). I never would have been able to afford feeding my herd at some of the grazing places we did enjoy. With my boys, I usually need a place that serves food with a shovel.


I agree with the boss! The dining plan to us at christmas was worth it’s weight in gold! I would not stay onsite without it!


No idea whether or not they will offer it again next year but I went last year during free dining and it was AMAZING and the reason why I decided to take another trip this year - I couldn’t resist the free dining after knowing how great it was last year.


I have been trying to talk my DH into the dining plan for a few years and with no success. We are going on the free plan this year and I think he will be convinced after this. It would be great if WDW offered this every yr at some point, but how many things are free at Disney, you can’t count on this forever.


I figure that if its free cool cause i do want to go that time anyways for mnnshp


we went last year oct3-oct9 and paid for the dining plan (since we missed out on the deadline last year for the free dining) but we paid for it anyway and it was well worth it!!! we will never not get the dining plan! This year when we heard they were offering the free dining again we moved our trip up a month just to take advantage of saving almost $600!!


If the free dinning is there in 07 does anyone know if we can get it since we are staying on site through the DVC? Since we did not purchase the room through them and we plan to purchase our tickets somewhere else to get them a little cheaper asap, will they still give us the free dining since we are staying through the DVC