Free dining?


Just out of interest for all those who follow the free dining offers that Disney gives…are they usual for every year? Is it the same sort of offer and pattern on as far as applicable dates go? I only ask as we are now planning our 2011 trip! OMG I know! I can’t quite beleive it myself but there you go :laugh:
We will be planning on late August 2011 and think we can book here from Feb of 2010. We really want to get free dining if poss but also don’t want to miss out on the dates we want and indeed [I]need[/I] for this year.
We made the mistake of booking early a few years ago just so we had the right dates ( ie DD wasn’t having to miss any school and prices still relatively cheap in comparrison to rest of the month) but of course 1week after paying a non returnable deposit, disney then offered free dining!

So in a nutshell i just want to know if it a usual occurance for Disney to offer FD in August as if so Ill hold out…or at least try to! :laugh:


The free DDP has been consistantly offered the last week of August through the month of September for a few years now. It go extended this year through some of October and I think some of December. The only consistant time however that I know of is the last week of August - the entire month of September. I’m kinda hoping for it for this summer…I will be there 8/22 - 8/31…shouldn’t be long now to see if it’s released or not.