Free dining?


Was there free dining offered all through October this year? I am planning our trip for 2013 and if it’s possible free dining would be fabulous…of course, I know it is too early to count on anything, but if I know it is never offered during 2nd week on in October, then I would be smarter to just plan on 1st week from the start and then hope for free dining later…:blush:


Yes, Free dining was extended this year. It was select weeks in October. I would book toward the end of October if possible. It went from 9/30 - 10/4 and then it was not eligible until the 19th again if that helps you choose a date. Looks like value season ends on the 5th next year.


hmmm…now I have to decide if I book offsite timeshare (for very low cost for the week) and do OOP dining (which seems to be better deal for us) or go all out and stay on site (my preference) and hope for free dining to offset the increase in housing cost. UGH. decisions, decisions.

thanks Dana!!


It looks like the participating restaurants have seriously decreased from 2012 for 2013 on the WDW website. Does anyone know if this is accurate? Looks like for Table service Epcot only has 4 and DTD has 1.


I think the list always seems small when it first comes out, Tinkerbella, until some of the partner-owned, non-Disney spots sign their contracts. I think a fair amount of DTD and Epcot restaurants fall into that category.


It’s not updated yet. They do this every single year. We will see the rest fall in line by the end of this year.


Thanks!!! I’m hoping for a lot more


Sorry for thread-jacking here…just wondering if anyone remembers when, historically, free dining has been released for March? I believe it has been offered the past couple of years, but wonder when that is released. Current free dining ends March 7th, we arrive March 8th. :pinch:
Not sure if I should use our a PIN we received for room discount or wait for a dining offer. Dining saves us more money. Has anyone heard any rumours of continued free dining release offers coming up?
Thanks for the help!


If we happen to book for next october now, can we add free dining if it comes out later?


Yes, you can call and change your reservation if a discount/free dining comes out.