Free dinnin to Visa card holder!


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Yup, I called a little after 7am this morning, was on hold for 30 minutes, but got it no problem. I even bought our tickets for the halloween party. I am so happy the waiting is over.


Is it quick service or table service?


I ain’t going in September no more!
Unless free dining extends to the end of October, I’ve got to pass.

Tink, if you’re doing a value, it’s the quick serve and a $10 (a)/$2© upcharge if you want the regular plan
If you’re staying at a mod or a deluxe, it’s the standard plan.


I am so happy for free dining


I just book yesterday and changed my checkin date to 8/14 so that I could get the 20% room discount. So now, next week when the general public is offered this same plan (“speculatively”,per Eduardo the magical cast member that I just spoke to), I will have to call and change my change in date to 8/15, because I cannot arrive before the discount? Can someone confirm that? The 20% savings vs the free dining savings is a no-brainer, so I’m willing to change the date, no problem! YIPPEE!!! I didn’t think I could be even more excited!!! AND>>>> we are staying at CBR, our first moderate trip ever, so it’s the standard basic dining package!! All is right with the world… :wub:


Value is Quick service
Mod, Deluxe & Villa is the Magic your way plan.


Does anyone know if I can combine the free dining with the “kids stay and play free” promo? I looked on mousesavers and it looked like they were combining the two offers for the Visa Cardholders. Will the rest of us get the opportunity at the combined offer?


I don’t think you can combine offers. Maybe someone has more details??? Good Luck!


I’m pretty sure you can’t combine offers.


I’m almost positive you can not combine offers!!


You can arrive before that but can not take advantage of free dining until the 15th. I think you can use the room discount for the 14th, and then book a package to get the free dining. That can get costly with tickets. IF you wanted them for the first day you would have to buy a separate ticket, then buy a ticket to get the free dining. Does that make sense-it does in my head!!!:laugh:


As far as I know, you can’t combine offers. When I used to go to AAA to book my trips, I always had to give up my AAA discount to get the free dining.


hey free dinning after the long wait we get it big thanks to disney.


We are in. We have now officially booked.


Hi I don’t reply much but I read these everyday. We are checking in on Oct. 2 and we get free dining for our whole trip I had to put $200. deposit on my visa even though I had already booked rooms. Life is good.


Even though I gave up my Disney Visa (goodbye old pal) I called to “speculate” about the change in reservation I may need to make. I was told you cannot combine offers, I cannot start the dining plan earlier, and “speculatively” (is that a word?) I was to call back on Monday to get more information. He kept asking me if I had a Visa and if I didn’t he really couldn’t speak of MY reservation… thank you Eduardo, you gave me all the infroamtion I needed… speculatively!! :laugh:

So, I’m speculating that I will be calling disney monday morning (what a wonderful way to start a Monday!!) and changing my reservation to check in on the 15th and check out on the 24th. This is such a magical trip for us: our first moderate stay, celebrating DS 13th, my 4th anniversary, this is a SURPRISE trip neither my husband nor my son know where we are going, and this is the longest Disney trip we have ever taken (usually 5 days)… I might just well up! :crying: but in a good way!


When I called about a month ago -just pricing different promos & seeing if there was a discount attached to my name in their system- the CM told me that you CANNOT combine offers. Sorry:blush:


CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your trip - let the countdown begin!!


im confused when i booked in March that’s the offer i was given. I could of have the $500 gift card or free dinning. They claimed because i’ve been in the system so many times.LOL oh disney! ::sigh::