Free Disney Dining Plan


We are planning our annual trek to WDW & prefer to go when the free DDP is available. I have to book my vaca time up to 6 months out, & believe me my co-workers are right on top of that. We are also only allowed to have 2-3 people in my department off at one time so we’re not short staffed (I work in a Medical Facility-understandable). There-in is my dilemma. Does [I]anyone[/I] have [B]any[/B] idea when it will take place this year? I know it’s usually during their “down-time”,


It’s never a guarentee, but the past couple of years it’s been offered most of August through September. Also, this past year, the free DDP was offered to Disney Reward Credit Card holders during November (and maybe some in October, I can’t remember).

This is a great plan and seemed to save a bundle for my last trip! Hope you’re able to take advantage of this opportunity.


It usually is August-September, but I know they did extend it this year into parts of December. I got a PIN code that I am using for free dining for this June!!!


I’m not sure if you can push Disney to give you the same deal as the UK but we booked in August 2008 and got free dinning for September 2009 plus 14 park hopper for the price of a 7 day.:nuke:


I would just pick dates in September…The august ones (if they run it at all in that month) may be unpredictable. The only constant seems to be the month of September.


Very good point. I know we booked August dates last year, and they were off by just a few days from the free dining. September is a safer bet.


I beleive September is a safe bet. I would go the week after labor day. We are doing a bounce back this year Sept.16-28, so I am sure those dates will be included if they offer the deal to the public.


We had it last August September time and are hoping it will be around this time in 09 too.


We also did the bounce back and I think the cast member that booked us said the dates for free dining start late August and end September 25th. We’ll be there September 18th - 25th.


We were in Disney the end of August, and got a flier in our room that said if we book before we leave to go home we could get the bounce back for next year at the same time. We did and we will be going again in August 09. We have been getting this deal for the past couple of years, but we had to book before we checked out of our room. The count down now begins looking forward to our next trip.


Thanks for all the great info! :mickey:I’ll book us for mid September as that sounds to be the best time frame.


I am not 100% sure (pretty sure) that you can not add the “Free” dining once a ressie is made. I think they do it as a “special” offer. :nuke:


In the past, a ressie can be changed to include free dining (if the dates fall within the offer timeframe) if the room category is available. If not, you can change your reservation to whatever room category comes with free dining.


What an excellent deal!


I actually booked my reservation in December for September 2009 and asked the person this very question - they said that you can just call up and add the discount program to your reservation. I asked to be sure - and she reassured me that this was the case. Said she did it for many families in 2008when free dining came out. If that’s the case, I will just cancel and rebook:blink:


So I can book now and change my reso if codes come out?