Free Disney Dining


I came back about a month ago from my first trip to Disney World about a month ago. Absolutely LOVED it!!!. Stayed at the POP Century and got the Free Disney Dining so it was a great deal. I was wondering when do they normally do the free dining throughout the year. Is it only in the fall? Do they do that every year normally? I see they are doing the buy 4 get 3 days free but that’s not great for me as I can’t get a whole week off to go down I can only go for 4 or 5 days. Would love to go again in a year or so but can’t spend too much. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks


The last few years it had been for about 6 weeks from late Aug to early Oct. This yr, Disney has free dining all over the place. I think it’s running from mid Aug to mid Dec with a few black out dates. I had also heard of people who got a code for free dining during other times of the yr. But this has been an unusual yr for the travel industry. I don’t think we will see deals like this forever.