Free Disney Haunted Mansion Plans


The link below will take you to a page featuring a PDF file you can print to build a paper model of the WDW haunted mansion. I thought this perfect for the season. If anyone gets theirs built before I get a chance, please post a picture!

Liberty Square Haunted Mansion Model

-Enjoy Foolish Mortal…


I will try it, but I have never been good at those sorts of things…lol no patience…lol Thanks for the link harry.


If I had the time id give this a go, my kinda project! Though I don’t think Iv got anywhere to put it lol


I actually posted this back in May, and gave my shot at it, figuring I’d be done before the end of summer… and I lost interest in it. :laugh:

You really have to be into that kind of thing to finish it.


That is really cool. I was really enthusiastic about the idea… until I clicked on the link and saw all the work! :laugh:


that looks really neat. i might have to try it…