Free Hoppers and Water Parks!


There is a new general public special that gives you a free upgrade with park hoppers and water parks, code YVI. Hope this helps someone!


Yes, I heard! Our travel agent emailed us about it early this morning–woohoo!!!


That’s great news! I hope someone can use the code.


I don’t think the caffeine has kicked in yet . . . I do not understand how one uses this code. Is this for purchases made on the WDW site or elsewhere?


I just called and I’m so bummed, the code does not apply to All Star Movies! The Cm said it’s most likely because movies sell out the fastest and they do not need to offer it there!? I had DH call and he was also told ASMO was not included :sad:


Maria - are all the All-Stars excluded? Maybe you could switch your resort and get the deal?


:flowers: Thanks Mickeymommy, the Cm did offer to do that but, our two children Love it there(ASMO) and they really want to stay in the Herbie building! So Dh and I said it would only be the park hopper discount that we are loosing out on, in a sense, because we were not going to the water parks anyways, they would of just been a great bonus! :happy:


does anyone know if this works with AAA-vacations at WDW?



I have no input…Just wanted to say WELCOME to DC Underdog (I used to LOVE him!!!)…oh, and glad you are a Husband to One and a Father to Four…much more legal than a Husband to Four and a Father to One! :biggrin:


Yes, I also really liked Underdog! Welcome! :happy:


Does anyone know if they can be used for the POR and is there an expiration date?
Going in 160+ days


There’s no need to fear!! Underdog is here!!!


since the thread was started back in feb does it still apply as well? I too want to know about AAA Vacations.



I think that code expired 3/30, and it was only good for travel through 6/3. I don’t know about AAA.