Free meals


My travel agent emailed me with the great news that she had changed out package to one with free meals for Disney Visa card holders. We got a substantial credit as we had already paid. I can’t wait!!


congrats. Getting money back is always a great thing.


That’s great, Leslie. Enjoy spending that credit and eating those free meals.


Does it have to be a package or do you just have to be a card holder? We are DVC owners staying at SSR in Dec. I am a card holder.


I don’t know for sure but I think it is a package for Disney Visa holders, I would be sure and check it out though.


Steph, I am going to eat at places I have never been to before and wow, not even worry about how much money I am spending!!:flowers:


Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out. I hope you have a great trip!


Yes, and thanks to my Disney Visa I will have close to 300.00 that I can spend on whatever strikes my fancy!! Whoooo hooo what a great trip this will be!:flowers:


If you are staying on points I doubt you’ll get free dining. It would be nice but Disney wants to fill the regular rooms with this. DVC will come back with or w/o free dining.


Have a wonderful time . . . FREE DINING!! AWESOME!!! :wub:


I am staying on points. Is it me or does the DVC perks seem to dwindle more every year??


Free dining has never been a DVC perk. It’s a promo to get rooms filled a rack rate. I would take DVC over no DVC any day. The $100 off APs keeps me happy.


We got to tour the Cinderella suite as DVC members Labor Day weekend… we loved that perk!


Me too! Thats a great savings. It makes up for the DDP with a party of 3


That would have been the best member perk I have ever had! I would have died if I seen the castle suite:wub:


Congrats on the savings! Its gonna be nice to try new things!