Free Mouse Ears Today!


Disney Store will celebrate its 25th anniversary on March 28 at stores nationwide, and in recognition of this important milestone, Disney Store will give the first 250 guests at each location silver commemorative Mickey Mouse ears. In addition, Disney Store will host a variety of family fun activities throughout the day, including Disney trivia, games, a dance party and more. As an added bonus, guests will receive 25 percent off purchases made in store and online at for the entire day. Although known for delivering “the best 30 minutes of a child’s day,” Disney Store has created magical memories for guests of all ages for 25 magical years.


What a lovely commerative gift, and the celebratory day sounds a lot of fun too.


I also got an e-mail with a coupon for 25% off the entire store. Heading out this morning to get my silver ears! :slight_smile:


That sounds so cool. Wish we had a Disney Store. Closest one is 3 1/2 hours away :sad:


Yeah…I have to go to that boring place called work today.
It stinks too because I collect mouse ears! I suppose I can pay $$$ on ebay for a pair…lol.


I wish I had a Disney Store nearby!


No Disney Store anywhere near us anymore :crying:


I will be off to the Disney Store today for a birthday present… but I suspect I’ll be too late for the ears!


Very cool! I wish we still had our Disney Store:crying: Ours closed and Victoria’s Secret expanded into what was our Disney Store:glare: While I like Victoria’s Secret, I was not willing to lose my Disney Store!:pinch:


Okay I guess I was one of the crazy one’s out there… I drove 45 minutes to make sure MissSMIG gets a set


Just got back from my adventure! Went to Fox Valley Mall (30 minutes away) right at opening. Counted about 80 people in line right before they opened. Got my ears! Then called my Sister at work asking if she wanted to take an early lunch. Headed over to Oak Brook (another 30 minutes from Fox Valley), picked her up from her work and went to Oak Brook Mall. There were people walking in there with us, but I knew you had to get a ticket for the hat, so I walked up to a Cast Member and asked if there were any more tickets left. Yep, only four left, so me and my Sister got two and a couple of ladies who followed me got the last two, then he made the announcement to all the other people near the doorway that no more hats were available. Whoooo Hooooo, I’m playing lotto later today.


Wow that is great… by the time I got to the Lehigh Valley Mall they were all out… I wanted a set for Hunter.


Good job! No ears for us when we went into the Disney Store about 3 hours after opening… not that I expected it. CM told me that yes, there was a line before they opened!

Of course… being the traditionalist that I am, I didn’t really want a pair anyway… :biggrin:


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1105850]Yeah…I have to go to that boring place called work today.
It stinks too because I collect mouse ears! I suppose I can pay $$$ on ebay for a pair…lol.[/QUOTE]

Already a ton of them on eBay! Prices around $25-30 for one pair.


Yeah I saw, but I can’t afford that.


That’s too bad.