Free night at CBR


back in 1994 we had a bad stay at CBR … I wrote a letter , I got a very nice letter back and a free night … but we never used it. So my question is could it still be good after all these years?


I would suggest is to call them and ask. I’m sure if you explain the situation to them, they’ll still honor it for you.


I would think so too, but I would make the call and check.


Might just do that. Gone are the days when they do answer so nicely. this was a nice 2 page letter I received on really pretty CBR stationary. You just do not get that kind of response any more …even if you write something good :frowning:


I can’t see why it wouldn’t be. Call and find out for sure. I hope you get it. :heart:


Keep calling until you get a “yes”…then get that CM’s name (lol!)

good luck, tink! I would think it is still good…let us know what they say!


I would call, ask to speak to a manager and then offer to fax a copy of the letter so that they could look at it. Then ask them to call you back once they have reviewed the letter.


That would be so great if they accept it. You deserve another trip to Disney.


Did you call?

Lisa :mickey:


I called …they were unsure about it., took my name and # and said they would let me know


Hope you get your free night.


I would keep on them about this. If they don’t call back within 72 hours,I would call again.


Like mickaholic just said, call back if you do not hear back by monday. Do not sit on this and keep on them. If they promised you a free night, then you should get it. :heart:


Let us know how this plays out!

Lisa :mickey:


I will let ya’ll know if I do hear anything back from them … If I dont I won’t make a big deal out of it. When we got that free night we didnt use it because the next year we stayed at Dixielandings instead


crossing my fingers for you. There really is no time frame in which to use it on that certificate? It should be good indefinitely then. What a nice little surprise.

That’s more than 11 years old, I would have lost that thing by now.


well tell me what ya’ll think …here it is word for word

June 28, 1994

(my address)

Dear Mrs. Welch:

Thank you for telling us about your recent visit to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Al Weiss has asked me to respond to your letter on his behalf.

I am pleased over the years you and your family have become such dedicated fans of our Vacation Kingdom. Walt Disney said at the opening of DISNEYLAND Park, “. . . What I want Disneyland to be most of all is a happy place - a place where adults and children can experience together some of the wonders of life, of adventure, and feel better because of it.” Your continued interest in our resort is gratifying, as it indicates that we are achieving this dream to its fullest potential.

However, it disturbs me you feel our service and concern for our guest have diminished since your previous visit. It is our first priority to provide superior service, characterized by the gracious hospitality of our staff. You maybe certain your evaluation of the inconsistent housekeeping services you received will be given serious consideration.

We would appreciate the opportunity to restore your faith in our resort. Toward that goal, we are extending an invitation for your family to spend one complimentary night in one room at our resort during your next visit. To make your reservation, please contact my office at the number below. This offer includes room and tax fees and is based upon availability.

As an added measure of our concern, we are sending you four Caribbean Beach Resort thermal mugs under separate cover. You should receive them shortly.

Mrs. Welch, we look forward to the chance to change your impression of the Caribbean Beach Resort.

Vickie Moody
General Manager

cc: Al Weiss


Did you ever get the mugs?


Seriously, that is a very nice letter, and I’m sure they will honor it for you even after all this time. I just hope that the new management that is about to take over WDW will extend the same courtesey to it’s unsatisfied guests.


oh yes I did get the mugs!! …but we did not stay at CBR again for several years …and well the truth is … we were still not happy there … again we had problems :frowning:
I wrote a letter about that too …but never got a reply … when we stayed at the Pop and had a wonderful stay I wrote and complimented them …but never got a reply … it goes to show …there have been many many changes in guest services over the last 10 years …and this kind of service does not exist now