Free or Low-Cost Things to Do at WDW


What are some things you can do outside the parks for free, or rather low cost? List some of your favorite things to do, both for families, or not.


Hang out at AKL and look at critters, watch storytelling, etc. :smiley:



When you say outside the parks, do you mean off property altogether? Or is resort hopping an option? We love to do that. We also just spend time riding the monorails. You can also go to DTD and just windowshop.


Disney’s Boardwalk!
Downtown Disney!
Resort hopping!
How bout a ride upfront, in the Monorail cockpit!
Ft. Wilderness! Always fun to explore.


Have your bag searched by all the different security officials to see which one cares and which ones needs therapy.


I mean on property, but outside of the parks, as in not inside MK, or AK, or MGM, or Epcot, etc. Things like story telling, touring the different hotels, walking the boardwalk, that sort of things.


ROFL- should I ask if you’ve done this, and just what was found?!?


Ok!Gotcha! There was cookie decorating at the AKL, and storytelling. At the Poly, in the lobby they have entertainment on & off, and I am trying to remember what they did at the WL.


DtD is a great place to visit - you can look around, take pictures, let the kids play in the Lego Area. Completely free.

The boatride from WL to MK is awesome!! Then, you can take the resort monorail from the TTC to ALL the deluxe resorts - there is plenty to see in all the lobbies - besides, they are just great to see!! Who doesn’t love riding the monorail?

AKL has storytelling, as already mentioned. I’m not sure when. Maybe Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World knows.

WL has a geyser.

You can pool hop.

The Boardwalk - if only for the atmosphere, is a GREAT place to visit! There are street performers, etc.

Take the Epcot Monorail - FUN FUN FUN! It takes you in and around EPCOT. I love being that close to the big ‘ball’.

I’m SURE there is TONS more…


Minature Golf is fun. There are two courses - Fantasia (our fav.) and Winter/Summerland. It’s not expensive and there always seems to be discounts for it. (AP’s, DVC members, etc.)


What about the Chip and Dale camp fire movie thingie at Fort Wilderness??? Is that free?? That sounds like a REALLY cute idea if it is!!!


Watch MK fireworks from Poly beach
Enjoy the street performers at Boardwalk
Resort Hop
Ride the boat to Ft. Wilderness
take the boat from DTD to POR and back again


I have to agree with others… Fort Wilderness! At night they have very cool hayrides that go through much of the property, camp movies, you can rent canoes and boats for low cost, they have a nice volleyball court, and it was always fun to get food from the camping store and have a little picnic on the Fort Wilderness beach.

It’s also really nice to walk around the boardwalk at night. They have traveling piano musicians, you can rent various bicycles, or you can just get a treat from the Boardwalk Bakery and walk around.

Fantasia miniature golf is fairly inexpensive, and it’s right near MGM.

Of course there is Downtown Disney and the Marketplace, where you can walk around as long as you want taking in all of the shopping and atmosphere.

Riding the various boats around the resort, taking the monorail and stopping at all the monorail resorts, and just exploring all of the different resorts is one of my favorite things to do too!


Oh, I’ve read about that! It sounds SO cute. From what I had read in my book (which was from like 1998, so a bit outdated), it is free to anyone who stays in ANY Disney hotel.

What locations can you see fireworks from outside of the parks?


One location is the second floor lobby of the Polynesian, in the bar/seating area just next to 'Ohana.


I didn’t ride the monorail at all when I went 11 years ago. I didn’t realize it actually takes you through epcot! What a cool way to get a “bird’s eye” view of the park!!

I had read somewhere that you aren’t supposed to pool hop. Is that something that isn’t strictly enforced, or just not a rule anymore?


The Contemporary has an observation deck with the music from the MK piped in.

I have heard the Poly does, too - but my only experience is with the Contemp.

Oh, the water parade at night - you can see that from the deluxe resorts, too.

The campfire at the WL - it is totally free, but you have to pay for the marshmallows, etc. (You CAN totally bring your own, though!!)

Chip and Dale hang out at the campfire!

The mini-golf is like…8-12 dollars per person.


I’d forgotton all about the water parade! It sounds like there is LOTS to keep people occupied when they are not in the park, and still keep it low cost but fun!


It’s still a rule, pool hopping is not allowed. It isn’t however, strictly enforced. I guess it’s left up to one’s own judgement if they want to do it.



When I went, we pool hopped between the All-star Music & Sports (No movie or pop century at the time) a few times, and no one said anything.