Free Park Hopper Passes


I just read in the Orlando Sentinel that Disney is giving free Park Hopper Passes to anyone that is stuck in Orlando due the volcano eruption in Iceland today and tomorrow. Sea World had started the promotion and now Disney has followed suit.


Oh cool, we have friends stranded in Orlando, they should have been back on Friday and are still not able to get a flight home. Wonder if they know about this?


What a shame to be stuck in Orlando!!!


I wish I was stuck in Orlando.:blush::laugh:


Well isn’t that just ducky.
That’s a lot like when a Vegas casino comps a whale’s accommodations knowing that the whale will drop even more money.:glare:

And yes, it is a decent thing to do for stranded guests.
It sure will take their minds off not being able to go home.


I wish I could be stuck in Orlando for a few weeks


Awesome…something to do in a bad situation that couldn’t be helped. Glad to see the theme parks are doing something for these people.