Free pin with DME?


Is Disney still giving a free pin voucher when you use Magical Express?


I don’t think so DT, They told us when we were going to use it that it was discontinued a while back.


Darn! I thought maybe Nathan would get another free pin to trade on this trip. Thanks.


We got a coupon when we got our DME package. Got one in September and again in February…I am thinking they might continue it as part of the 50th Celebration.


Oh, I hope so! That’s $7 we won’t have to spend on a pin for him to trade. I am going to get him a gift basket for his birthday and have a couple of pins put in it but I’m betting he won’t trade them.


DT call that ME phone number and ask if they still have that going on when you use thier buses.


I think I will do that. I’ll need to wait a bit until Nathan isn’t around, I don’t want to take any chances that he’ll hear me. I haven’t even booked it yet, I think I’m still in denial that this trip is really going to happen.


We just got one in Feb! :mickey:


Thanks! I know it’s not much but a pin is a pin. My DS loves pin trading and it’s one less pin we have to buy.


I just got my ME tags yesterday and the pin voucher was with them. :mickey: I was afraid it would be a pin that no one would trade due to their being too many.


That’s what I wanted to hear, thank you. My DS will be so excited to get a free pin. We didn’t have any trouble trading a couple of DME pins last summer.


Those pins were EVERYWHERE this trip. DS likes buses so he would trade for one, then trade it away, then trade for another bus, then trade it away… You get the point.


I got mine in January. I got the cool old school retro looking DME bus pin.


We just got ours a few days ago! Not too much longer for you now! Those two months will ffffllllllyyyyy by!!


When I called to add Me for my trip they told me u do get the voucher. I am waiting for my tags any day!!!


I just checked my envelope after reading this and yes there is a voucher in there for a free pin.


Thanks, everyone!