Free quick service meal question


What is included in the free quick service drink snack?


two counter service meals and two snacks


Each counter service meal includes an entree, dessert and a drink.


You also get a refillable drink mug which you can refill at your resort as much as you like during your stay.


Thanks we have used the deluxe dinning in the past but could not remember the quick service meals. We should be fine with the 2 free quick service this year seems like enough food to keep my son and his friend full. I like the free mugs in past years had to buy separate.


The quick service plan really is awesome. I did it last February and am doing it again this august. Two CS meals, two snacks and a refillable mug works for me. I still schedule a few table meals, but love not having one every day like the full DDP…it’s just to much.