Free shipping on this eBay Disney pin lot!


Just listed this,

14 Disney pin lot Cast Lanyard, Hidden Mickey, Trading - eBay (item 170190746506 end time Feb-08-08 17:19:04 PST)

Free shipping & 1 bonus pin to any Mousebuzz member* who might win, no matter what the ending price.


Just thought I’d share.

  • PS: you had to have been a member before 2-1-08… duh! :tongue:


Cool!!! Placed my bid!


I bid too, but was outbid. :tongue: I’ll have to check with DH and see how much he’s willing to spend…then I may just bid again! :happy: (I love those Chip n Dale pins…too cute!)


Sorry! We just bought a bunch of pins from Disney Shopping…like I need more pins…but these are all so darn cute!!! These would be keepers, not traders like most of what we just bought. I wish we had never started (not really) with this pin trading stuff, it’s so darn addicting!!!


Those are nice Wishy, I’m sure they will go for a good price. The kiddies have a few pins, but aren’t real collectors. I on the other hand, love them.
Good Luck!


If I win the pins, will you just drive on up and deliver them in person? LOL!


ooooh- I like this idea!
I think I might bid… with our little surprise trip in May I will need silly things to put in the kids Easter baskets to prepare (and hint about the trip)
And I know you are not one to throw out those fake pins for us to bid on…:wub:


he he he- Im high bidder for the moment…


Well I just jacked it up to $40 and there are still 6 days to go…LOL someone must really need these pins! Who keeps outbidding me?


Bwaaa- haaa haaa
Im highest again… LOL… hey I have 4 kids to buy pins for~


You guys are too kind!! And yes, MissDis, if you won I would deliver them in person… how about over lunch at the CPK in the Paramus Mall?

WooHoo, you might live a wee little far for me to drop them off :tongue: but hey, now I feel so guilty that they are getting expensive I promise to include ANOTHER special Disney surprise treat to a Mousebuzz winner. :heart:


yeah- Im “reanned” so I now have it up to $45… if nothing else it will make some money for you if someone outbids me yet again… I figure its better to help a friend than buy them at the parks right?


good luck i hope you win the bid


LOL- it does not really matter in the end… Im happy to bump up the bid amount regardless… she still has 6 days to go…


Very true! I really do appreciate it :smile: Everything I sell on eBay the next couple weeks is going to pay for the Disney Dining Plan for our October trip. I need to raise $531.00. I know I can do it! :happy: Then our trip will be 100% PAID FOR!!! :heart:


We have a new place at that mall… it’s Grand Lux Cafe, which I heard is owned by Cheescake Factory. Wow, is it so incredibly fun and delicious!!! Let’s meet there (pins or no pins! :laugh: )


You can definitely do it! :happy: Looks like these pins are going to get your DDP off to a good start!


Good Luck Wish- the pins are great and I hope you get a real good price for them.


Someone keeps outbidding me… sniff sniff sniff… I might have to lose this one because I still have a lot of paying off to do myself. They are really cute and Em loves the hidden mickey ones so perhaps Ill see what the bids are more like at the end of the week… prob not though- at least I tried and got it bumped up to $50 plus for ya Jess…


Thats a great idea! Perhaps I should do that as well with some Tupperware. I never thought of that!!